Amor (Love) : Golden Award Winner Animated Love Story from MAAC

Amor (Love) : Enjoy one of the most beautiful animated Love Stories, told by the Moon and the Stars, created at MAAC. It won The Golden Award in Animation category at Art Fest Festival 2013, Mumbai.


Amor - CG short movie by MAAC

Amor means ‘Love’ in Spanish.

It’s 11:30 pm of 13th February. The boy is praying to get her love before start of the Valentine Day, 14th February.  The shooting star whips it’s magical trail and voilà … There appears the ‘Lady in Red’. Watch out the animated short movie to know what happens next. How the Stars and the Moon help them both? Does the boy gets his love?

You will love this unique tale of sacrifice weaved beautifully on the eve of the Valentine’s Day. All the movie rights belongs to MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics).

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