10 Reasons Why Before and After VFX of Bahubali The Beginning is Colossal : Part 1

Bahubali The Beginning is one of the best visual effects movies of Indian Film Industry. Enjoy the mind blowing before and after VFX of Baahubali with breakdowns and making of / behind the scenes.


bahubali vfx before after part 1

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Indian Cinema has seen so many extra ordinary visual effects movies so far. Ra. One, Krish franchise, Dhoom franchise, Eega, Enthiran (Robot) , I, Magadheera and others. S. S. Rajamouli is the common factor in so many movies. So, what makes this particular movie the best one? We have figured it out for you with before and after VFX of Bahubali: The Beginning.

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1. Makuta Visual Effects Studio is the strongest pillar to make Baahubali VFX on astonishing level. It is the major post production house for stunning visual effects. Makuta is an International franchise studio. It’s very young, only 5 years old and already won the Best Visual Effects award at Filmfare and CineMAA in 2012 for Eega. The Hyderabad based studio had done extensive post production work with its highly skilled visual effects artists. They worked roughly on 4500 – 5000 VFX shots. It includes all visual effects techniques such as Rotoscoping, Matte Painting, Chroma removal, Paint, Set extension, rig and wire removals, 2D and 3D Tracking / matchmoving, 3D assets creation, FX, camera projections and many more. Makuta brought Rajamouli’s vision into realty. ‘Jurassic World’ and this movie shared same special effects team.

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2. Larger than life movie sets are just spectacular. It’s a period drama.  The medieval era got birth again using live action set and various visual effects softwares. Hundreds of things had made digitally. Production designer, Sabu Cyril, had taken immense efforts and study on smallest objects to recreate the old time seamlessly. He made live the visualization of the director S. S. Rajamouli’s Mahishmati Kingdom.  Check out various before and after VFX images at the end of the article. It looks absolutely marvelous combined with great modeling, texturing, shading and lighting details used for set extension in 3D and post production packages.

The primary shootings are done at Rock gardens, Ramoji Film City (Hyderabad) and Bulgaria. Beautiful temples and courtyards, magnificent palaces, massively heighten forts – all were given ethnic touch to blend with the old period. The 45 foot high scaled sets amazingly choreographed in the movie.The movie was shot in Tamil and Telugu. Later on it got dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam, English, Japanese and French.

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3. The war sequences are the mammoth one. As per the screenplay, the Mahishmati army is of 25,ooo soldiers and the Kalakeya army is of 1 lakh soldiers. This can’t be accounted for live action shooting. So, green screen chroma of almost 1200 feet was used at Ramoji Film City. The war scene shooting of this epic battle took 120 to 150 days to complete. To give perfection, so many junior artists were also trained for horse riding and sword fighting. Arranging all the artists on battle ground and giving them all separate instructions was the heaviest task in its own. It is the biggest war sequence shooting in Indian Film Industry till date.

Visual effects studio, Tau Films, worked on the breath taking fight sequence of CG Bison (Gaur Fight) with Rana Daggubati. This is an outstanding before and after VFX of the movie. They took 1 year only for the pre production which helped greatly during the live action shooting. Bahubali film trailer crossed 1 crore views on YouTube just within a week of release.

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4. It has great emotional content to balance high octane visual effects to given an edge. Entire crew of Baahubali had combined emotions with technology. This is the reason, it had become mega hit across the world. The story, screenplay, dialogues everything connects with the audience. They don’t feel that they are watching the movie, they are in it. And all these emotional drama is complemented by unseen CG and visual effects.

Various fight and drama sequences are shoot with chroma / green screen. In post production, they are replaced by required background elements and props. It got released on 4000+ theaters world wide. Background score is also in perfect sync with old era musical instruments. Due to all these collaboratively, even before the release, the movie is featured on BBC documentary on 100 years of Indian cinema.

bahubali-all-characters-star-cast 5. For some of the extremely difficult war stunts Digital Body Doubles (3D Scans) of Prabhas and Rana were used. It’s one of the most advanced VFX techniques using which digital Paul Walker was created to finish the movie Furious 7. Both the actors were scanned digitally and their 3D models were animated to accomplish the battle shot. Without seeing before and after VFX, you cannot isolate live action and CGI. To give more convincing look, the lead actors Prabhas, Rana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty had also gone through extensive physical training.  It gave realm of their characters. All three were trained for sword fighting.

Apart from this, both the male actors trained for horse riding. To be seen as great warriors, Prabhas and Rana had gained weight of more than 100 kg. They both took 6 to 8 non vegetable meals a day which to intake 2000-4000 calories. Prabhas body building equipment costed around 1.5 crore. Anushka broke the jinx by getting repeated by Rajamouli in his second movie. Prabhas was blocked for any other movie in duration of these 3 years and he had been paid hefty amount of INR 25 Crore for both the movies.He also had to postpone his marriage !!!



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