Boris FX acquired Silhouette FX and Digital Film Tools (DFT)

After GenArts and Mocha Pro, now Boris FX acquired Silhouette and DFM.


Boris FX acquired Silhouette FX Digital Film Tools

Boris FX is on the way to become single service source for all your roto, paint, tracking and object removal solutions. Apart from these three major job categories of Visual Effects industry, Boris FX is also very well known for its bundle of various pre-defined and easy to tweak audio and video effects. All these serves as a plug-in for various NLE (Non Linear Editing) and Compositing softwares such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, Apple FCP, Adobe Premiere, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Blackmagic Design Resolve, Autodesk Flame and many other OFX (OpenFX) hosts.

Founded by Boris Yamnitsky in 1995, this USA based software company is penetrating the continuously growing VFX arena slowly and steadily. With acquisition of Silhouette FX and Digital Film Tools (DFT), Boris FX has become much more stronger on technology and R&D part. Check out the latest and mammoth offerings of Boris FX products, all under one roof:

  1. Continuum (Boris Continuum Complete/BCC – home product)
  2. Sapphire (GenArts product)
  3. Mocha Pro (Imagineer Systems’s Academy Award winning product)
  4. Silhouette FX (SilhouetteFX LLC’s Academy Award winning product)
  5. Digital Film Tools (Digital Film Tools, LLC product)

What can we expect after Boris FX acquired Silhouette FX?

  • Advanced workflow of roto (rotoscoping), paint, tracking and object removal
  • Tight integration between Mocha Pro and Silhouette FX
  • Easy import-export, without data loss
  • More robust planar tracking and depth (stereo) production pipeline
  • Extended creative possibilities in fields of Visual Effects, Editing, Motion graphics and many other Broadcasting verticals

Why Boris FX acquired Silhouette FX?

Obviously, to become the leader software solution company in the niche area of rotoscoping, paint, tracking and object removal.

Rather than competition, now Mocha Pro and Silhouette will work in sync. Adapting each other’s algorithms and technologies, Boris FX will make them more user friendly and advanced. The end goal is to make these VFX tools and plugins the market leader. Major Visual Effects studios use either of the software (Mocha and Silhouette) for their VFX needs, as per their post production pipeline. Now, as both belongs to same parent company, Boris FX will receive full market share.

Apart from Mocha Pro, all other products of Boris FX will also get technology upgrade because of the acquisition.

Management level updates:

Marco Paolini, Peter Moyer and Paul Miller (Co-founders of Silhouette FX) will continue their designation and responsibilities even after this acquisition. They will join hands with Boris FX team for development of other products.




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