Fan Movie Behind The Scenes will be Revealed by RedChillies.VFX at effects MTL, Canada

Fan Movie is going to be a huge blockbuster in the series of Shahrukh Khan movies. An award winning Visual Effects Studio RedChillies.VFX is showcasing making of Fan film at effects MTL, Canada in June 2016.

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Fan movie is creating history in the Indian Film Industry even before the movie release date, in India as well as on global level. Redchillies.VFX is the first visual effects studio from Asia to hit the effects MTL (Montreal) 2016. A huge thanks to Shahrukh Khan for achieving this prestigious moment for Indian Animation Industry. It is mammoth milestone for the entire Indian film fraternity as Red Chillies VFX will be sharing the same stage with Hollywood’s top notch post production studios.

The Fan movie had rolled out the highest standards of movie making and story telling to captivate the audience. It will be an unique among Shahrukh Khan films as the RC had made original 50 years old SRK to his younger version of 20 years SRK by the name of Gaurav. Behind the scenes of this amazing transformation will be reveled by Keitan Yadav and Harry Hingorani. They have designed dedicated one hour long session named ‘Creating Gaurav: RedChillies.vfx’s VFX on FAN’ to showcase the creative and technical pipeline. It includes exclusive making of Shah Rukh Khan to Gaurav from scratch to finish, including essential details of pre production, production and post production. The session will be revealed in June 2016.

Watch our mind blowing behind the scenes of FAN movie

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effects MTL is the leading International business summit for the Animation and Visual Effects industry organized at Quebec. It is a great networking place for both, artists and studios. Fan film VFX is featured in effects MTL 2016 trailer along with other studios including MPC, Hybride, Rocket VFX, PopcornFX, Cinesite, Framestore, Squeeze Studio Animation and On Animation Studios. The trailer has 20 seconds of visual effects snippets of Ra.One, Happy New Year and Krrish 3 during show reel of RedChillies.VFX by 2:35 to 2:55 minutes.

Enjoy the effects MTL 2016 – Partnering studios trailer:

It will be the second credential on International visual effects front. First, RC had been featured in the official demo reel of The Foundry 2014. It was the outstanding VFX of Krissh 3 executed by Red Chillies, an award winning visual effects studio. The studio had been strong backbone for SRK movies.

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