Fusion for Editors: Learn Fusion Techniques by Damian Allen in an Exclusive and Free Webinar

Register free for the latest webinar of Blackmagic Design Fusion for Editors. The online training session will be conducted by Damian Allen.


Fusion for Editors webinar Damian Allen

Blackmagic Design Fusion is the leading Post Production software, tightly integrated in VFX pipeline of many world class Visual Effects studios. Recent launch of Fusion 9 version is bundled with whole new advanced tool sets and Virtual Reality workflow. Look out for detailed information regarding productive new feature of Fusion 9 VR (Virtual Reality).

Excited? Want to learn more about why BMD Fusion is widely used in various segments of films, commercials, television, broadcasting and other audio video content creation? Check out the knowledge series.

The versatile node based structure can also help for easy editing in time efficient manner. Learn 5 Fusion techniques in the latest webinar. The details of this free online learning training video are as follows.

Subject: Blackmagic Design Fusion for Editors
Date: 10th October, Tuesday 2017
Time: 11.30 am to 1.00 pm PDT (Use this time zone converter to get exact webinar schedule as per your country’s time zone)
Venue: Online
Software Trainer: Damian Allen

The topics of webinar are:

  1. How to pixelate / blur faces, eyes or logos
  2. Secondary color corrections for background moving objects
  3. How to create a screen insert
  4. Before after example of replacing white wash sky
  5. Clean up / paint on unwanted objects

The webinar of Fusion for Editors will be conducted by Damian Allen who is a famous freelance consultant, trainer and compositor in the arena of Visual Effects industry. His latest credential is working as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Compositing supervisor for the 2D to 3D conversion studio named 3-D Revolution Productions. Allen’s training sessions are backed by his years of practical production experience in numerous Hollywood blockbuster movies and broadcast assignments.

damian allen fusion webinar

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