Top 10 Reasons why Blackmagic Design Fusion should be in your VFX Pipeline – Part 3

This is the third and final article in the series of Blackmagic Design Fusion VFX pipeline. Download Fusion and start your career in the Visual Effects industry.


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8) Motion Graphics:


Surprised like many others who fancy about layer based software as the easy and sophisticated tool for Motion Graphics? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

It’s an old age irony with Fusion software. The robust node based architecture is always coined as the hard core VFX and Post Production package. But, it is power packed with all essential tool set for very advanced motion graphics solutions.

Stunning title and logo animation, broadcast promos, ad finalisation, creative inserts on shooting plates – You name it, Fusion have it!

  • Full fledged 2D and 3D text animation with several in-built scripts.
  • Seamless integration of 2D and 3D environments.
  • Complete range of 3D tools (camera, light, texture, material, shader and many more) gives uncompromised creative freedom with true sense of depth.
  • Easy to amalgamate live action footage with true particle system that follows real life Physics simulation.
  • Support of third party OpenFX plug-ins.
  • Easy importing of 3D geometries from other softwares for relight, faster render.
  • Easy to integrate 2D and 3D motion graphics with particle system.
  • It can import .PSD file without any data loss by converting all its layers into nodes.
  • Native scripting and macros helps to create fast templates for repetitious works.
  • Motion paths are supported with GPU hardware acceleration.
  • Tightly integrated with timelines of DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer through Fusion Connect. Rendered Fusion compositions are on the fly gets updated in both the packages.

The Compositing artist doesn’t need to rely on or wait for 2D artist to create motion graphics for the final output. There can arise tons of issues when you are inserting third party outputs in your comp. Blackmagic Design Fusion is awesome at creating broadcasting and movie level HUD (Head Up Display) which can be directly tracked, color corrected and combined with the composition.

fusion motion graphics

9) Miscellaneous Tools for better productivity:


  • Fusion VFX pipeline gets integrated with Generation in Studio version. It is multi user collaboration tool which keeps track of each version of shots, comments / notes of artists and client, shot distribution among all artists, progress and deadlines per shot and many more. It is a complete in-built dashboard which helps production manager and all HODs to see the entire workflow at one single space.
  • It provides industry standard toolset for Tracking. Roto splines can be easily tracked, append track to shift track point in complex or motion blurred shots, paint strokes can be tracked individually to create static or dynamic clean plate, powerful stabilization algorithms.
  • Advanced resolution independent vector paint is useful to adjust various brush strokes parameters (size, shape, texture, blending modes, number of frames affected etc.) even after the file is saved, better cloning options, pressure sensitive tablet support, can create an entire imagery from scratch, change the motion path and many more.
  • Bin Server dumps all common stock footages, mattes, macros, source footages, reference files and other shareable assets at one space. It prevents duplication of data.
  • Advanced Optical Flow Analysis tools are useful to fix shooting time errors, retime (speed / stretch), morphing, tween apart from solving disparity issues of stereoscopy pipeline.
  • Industry proven set of filters / effects to make your output photorealistic or shiny as per the production demand.
  • Deep Pixel Compositing is the game changer. It counts the true 3D space of each RGB color pixel in XYZ position. It helps in greater detail for insertion of 3D elements, light bending and perspective matching for convincing composite output.
  • Network Rendering is the utmost need for today’s top notch complex visual effects arena. Fusion can save a huge rendering time by distributing rendering process on numerous machines without any sort of confusing pipeline by using multi-threaded technology.
  • Any sort of chroma footage (blue screen / green screen) can be easily keyed out with several chroma removal tools.

fusion tools nodes

The list is endless. It’s only tip of the iceberg that is revealed. There are numerous tools and functions to know for. Get in-depth details on the link given below:

10) For the artists, from the artists:


Blackmagic Design Fusion software closely interacts with real artists, understands their feedback / suggestions and develops the required tools on continuous basis. It is not a close end system and will never be. The continuous case studies of various movies showcase how Fusion is admired by various post production artists and supervisors to handle their complex shots. 25 years of long legacy of Fusion software can deliver Pre-vis to Final Compositing in single package. The Fusion VFX pipeline is constantly upgraded with each version.

The sole purpose is to make constant improvements for betterment of an artist and in turn, the overall Animation and VFX industry. In true form, it works on the notion of ‘for the artists, from the artists‘.

At BMD, the entire technical and management team is committed to up-bring the Media and Entertainment industry. BMD provides complete suite for any kind of Audio Video Production and Finalization. Only creating back end software is never a solution the current jet paced digital world. That’s why; they are creating hardware and software both which are completely compatible with each other for better and fast productivity.

bmd fusion for artists


Excited? So, take the next step. Choose which version of Blackmagic Design Fusion you will like to have to excel in the arena of professional film and video. Click the official link below:

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