Top 10 Underrated Indian Films about Love

Check out rare gems of Bollywood’s best romantic movies.


top 10 underrated best Indian films love romance

Want to spend an evening together with your partner? After a romantic dinner, you can watch an Indian movie together, drink a glass of wine, and have a heart-to-heart talk. Sometimes, it is really hard to find a good film (some users even spend more time reading online reviews than watching a film). Our goal is to provide you with information on the best Indian films. As a result, you’ll pick the one you like most of all and enjoy it together with your partner!

1. Tum Bin

This is an amazing love story about two young people. Pia is a nice lady who is in love with her boyfriend, and now they are going to get married. Unfortunately, her fiance was killed in a car accident. In a few years, a new man enters her life. They start dating, but she got to know a thunderclap – this man was a driver of the car which collided with the vehicle of her fiance.

2. Socha Na Tha

This film was released in 2005, but still, it remains popular among users. This is a sweet love story about two absolutely different people who found out that they love each other and can’t imagine their future without each other. This is an incredible story which will show how to build healthy relationships with partners.

3. Wake Up Sid

If you are keen on friendly love stories, this film is what you really need. This is a true love story about two friends who start understanding that they can’t be friends anymore. Can a man and a woman be good friends? Or they can be just lovers? This movie will help you find the answer to this question.

4. Lootera

This is a tragic romantic story about a young man who falls in love with a talented artist, but their love is in danger. His girlfriend suffers from a terrible illness whereas he is made to run from the police. Simply put, this is an amazing story about two young people who love each other, but different love circumstances don’t allow them to be together. You’ll definitely enjoy this amazing movie which will help you understand what obstacles couples should overcome in order to be together.

5. Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh

This film was released 15 years ago, but still, it remains one of the best love stories. What do you think of arranged marriages? Do you believe in them? Keep in mind that the majority of Indian marriages are arranged. Simply put, parents choose a wife or a husband for their kids. This is a true story about two young people who met each other only because of their parents. They have never met before. However, they were hopelessly in love with each other. The movie shows that people can be happy together even when their parents determine their fate.

6. Raincoat

If you are dating a Russian lady, you should definitely watch this movie together. She will appreciate your choice. So, what is this film about? This story shows how people must love each other. The main characters are going to get married, but the situation changes. She is made to marry a different man. You’ll see an amazing story showing how a pair of sweethearts fights for their happiness.

7. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

This is a dynamic and energetic movie about two well-known celebrities. The main characters are the participants of the same music band. Sunil is in love with Anna, but she can’t love back. She loves another man, but Sunil doesn’t want to give up. This is a super love story which will tell you more about Indian culture and their ability to love each other. Sunil wants Anna to be with him, and he is going to do absolutely everything to make this woman love him.

8. Sadma

If you like confusing stories, you’ll definitely appreciate this movie. It was released more than 40 years ago, but still, this incredible story touches the hearts of modern couples. A young lady is ill (because of a terrible accident, she is left with the intelligence of a 9-year old). Unfortunately, the fate brought her to a brothel where she is made to make her living. She met her soulmate there who helped her cope with all the difficulties.

9. Lamhe

The main character is a young man, Viren, who is over head and ears in love with a young lady, Sridevi. However, she is engaged to another man. They simply can’t be together. Both go their own way. In a few years, they meet each other again, and her daughter falls in love with Viren. It is really hard to predict how this film will end. If you like complicated love stories, this movie is what you really need. You’ll spend a perfect romantic evening together with your girlfriend.

10. Kereeb

Seems like this is the most underrated Indian film of the 20th century. The main characters are Birju and Neha. They love each other and dream of a happy future together. However, it is impossible because both of them are from absolutely different economic backgrounds. This is a fascinating story about two young people who can’t live without each other, but different life circumstances don’t allow them to be together.

If you like Bollywood films, we highly encourage you to check this list. All these films are definitely worth seeing. You’ll make yourself familiar with amazing love stories. Besides, you’ll learn more about Indian culture and traditions. Of course, you can treat your girlfriend to the cinema, but romantic home dinners with a decent film can give you more!


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