MVN Animate: Motion Capture Software by Xsens, Powered by New Animate Engine

Learn about the leading Motion Capture Software ‘MVN Animate’ by Xsens.


Motion Capture Software MVN Animate Xsens

We thank Mr. Remco Sikkema, Senior Marketing Manager of Xsens for this exclusive interview. The excerpts are as follows.

What is the vision of Xsens?

Xsens’ inertial motion capture solutions provide production quality motion capture data without technical hassle. The Motion capture software should be about creativity of the animator/artists, not about technology. The 3D motion tracking technology blends real life performance with 3D characters seamlessly.

Let us know in detail about your versatile innovative products.

Xsens released their new proprietary motion capture software “MVN Animate” in November 2017. MVN Animate is powered by the new Animate Engine and gives production quality motion capture data in all conditions. Xsens is now the only inertial motion capture company that can truly say you can capture everywhere! Even in heavy magnetic environments.

Don’t believe? Check it out yourself.

What were the technical challenges you went through?

Being able to capture in heavy magnetic environments is a real challenge for any inertial motion capture system due to the technology and sensors used. The new Animate Engine can extract more data from the captured data then before to make this happen.

Another challenge is skin artifacts, the effect of skin artifact has impact on the data and it can potentially degrade the data. The new Animate Engine takes care of the skin artifacts and gives you impeccable data. The advanced 3D motion tracking technology takes care of all possible hurdles.

How and which products can be used for implementation in segments of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality?

MVN Animate can be used for VR/AR/XR to add full-body motion capture and make it a true immersive experience. We were involved in several projects to demonstrate the full capacity of Xsens motion capture. For instance, the full body VR experience for our 15 Year Anniversary and Project Myron.

How Xsens MVN can specifically be helpful for Animation, VFX and Gaming industry?

The motion capture data coming from MVN Animate is production quality data and can instantly be used in your production pipeline. We have standard pipelines into all major 3D packages such as Unity, Unreal, Maya and 3ds Max. Many customers say they can just capture in the morning and have it in their project by afternoon.

Please share customer credentials and their reviews.

The Xsens website and blog has some good reviews online:

What is your philosophy behind participating in various projects like FreeMotion, MuFly, MC Impulse and others?

Xsens is on the bleeding edge of technology and we want to challenge ourselves and others to use our technology in every way possible. Projects we participate in are a perfect match and help us and our partners go the extra mile.

Which kind of advanced technologies can we expect from Xsens in near future?

Improvements on the new engine can be expected in term of faster processing and higher accuracy for the multi-level scenario to enable better performance when doing mocap (Motion Capture) in a multi-level environment, stair walking, sitting. Also a refreshed MVN remote app to capture video reference data in high quality is in the pipeline.

Check out production images of motion capture software from Xsens – MVN Animate.

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