Simple Tricks & Pithy Tips: Apple Final Cut Pro X Webinar by Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan is back with new FCP X tutorial webinar: Simple Tricks & Pithy Tips. Check out the details and get registered free.


Simple Tricks & Pithy Tips

Apple FCP X aka Final Cut Pro X is an industry standard editing tool to swift the post production process. The non-linear video editing package has seen advancements on larger scale over the years. A huge user base of editors had migrated to Mac based FCP software from various Windows based editing packages like Avid and Adobe Premiere.

‘Simple Tricks & Pithy Tips’ is the latest in FCP webinar series of ‘Power Up’ from Larry Jordan. Larry is a huge name in the Editing industry worldwide. With over 40 years of industry and training experience in various Media and Entertainment sectors, he continuously pushes the envelope to help digital artists to ease their editing and related work. Apart from thousands of technical articles, Jordan had published eight books focusing on diverse areas of Production and Post Production.

The current video tutorial will showcase how to do fast editing in real life projects. It will teach various essential keyboards shortcuts of FCP, combined with smart tips and tricks to get ahead of the rest.

The details of the FCP webinar is as follows:

Topic: Simple Tricks & Pithy Tips of FCP X

Date: 22nd February, Wednesday, 2017

Time: 9 am and 12 pm (These times are Los Angeles PST)

Venue: Online

Training level: Intermediate

Key topics: 

  • Interface guidance
  • Import of clips
  • Editing and trimming
  • Organizing / replacing various footages
  • Must know keyboard shortcuts
  • How to deal with Audio properly and fix it
  • Look at various transitions
  • Initial level of CC (Color Correction)
  • Titling
  • Rendering final movie with export options

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