Learn thinkingParticles by Goran Pavles in Novedge Expert Series Webinar

Get registered for the latest exclusive Novedge Expert Series: thinkingParticles by Goran Pavles. Learn the best TP course through webinar.


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Novedge is an immensely popular online store in various circles of creative digital artists. It showcases unbiased comparison between various design softwares, so the end user can get real value for his/her money spent on the software. Apart from it, Novedge continuously produces knowledgeable free online tutorials (learning videos) from various industry experts. The objective is to share all new software updates with production ready tips and tricks.

Latest Novedge Experts Series webinar is thinkingParticles by Goran Pavles. Goran will deliver an excellent thinkingParticles course to all participants. As always, Novedge has made this live event free for all the TP artists worldwide.

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Check out what you are going to learn in thinkingParticles by Goran Pavles webinar.

Complete details of thinkingParticles webinar is as follows. Click the episode links to get registered.

1. Episode 1: Tree Rigging and Simulation of Leaves

Schedule: 5th May, Friday 2017

Time: 9.30 to 10.30 pm IST

2. Episode 2: Tree Rigging and Simulation of Leaves

Schedule: 12th May, Friday 2017

Time: 9.30 to 10.30 pm IST

3. Simulating Floating Objects on Water

Schedule: 19th May, Friday 2017

Time: 9.30 to 10.30 pm IST

Given time zone is for India. If you belong to different country, use this time zone converter to find time schedule as per your location.

These all thinkingParticles tutorials are on different note. Goran Pavles will not use typical tools or procedures. He will use other techniques and work around to get realistic rendering output. So, these webinars will be based more on techniques rather than tools. thinkingParticles 6 contains Hydrofield, but it will not be used for creating water simulation. Don’t miss the best TP learning opportunity. Get registered fast.

novedge webinar series experts

Missed the the live streaming? Don’t worry. You can watch complete recorded webinar on the official YouTube channel by submitting a small fee.

1) 4 hour 23 minutes webinar of Novedge Experts Series, Episode 1: Tree Rigging and Simulation of Leaves is live.


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