How a Virtual Assistant is beneficial for online businesses?

What is Virtual Assistant and it’s benefits for businesses.


What is Virtual Assistant and its benefits

The word ‘Virtual assistant’ became viral with development of Web 2.0. It is one of the strongest verticals of online businesses. It made live the concept of 24/7 support in true manner. The VA industry is redefining itself continuously to cope up with challenges of modern online marketing. Royal Panda India is one of the best examples regarding how to use it effectively to generate more business. They provide an online service that requires payments and withdrawals. They need to be there 24/7 for their valuable customers and must provide them a good service to make sure they keep their customers happy. Businesses like Royal Panda are seen more and more often those days, and the need for Virtual assistant is raising as businesses begin understanding a simple fact – you can’t survive in this competitive world with only first time purchases – you can to retain and build long term relations. This is where the Virtual Assistant joins the game.

Let’s dive deep into it and learn how virtual assistant is helpful it today’s digital age.

What is Virtual Assistant?

As the name suggests, the Virtual Assistant is a real person(s) who helps in various support system of the business. Generally, VA works outside of the office premise. As per the nature of this job role, an independent freelancer or contractor is hired.

The term is coined as ‘Virtual Assistant’ because the person handles the work remotely, using internet. All thanks to latest developments in the arena of cloud based technologies that file sharing, editing, transferring are made very much simple and faster. The person handles the work which can be done online (social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, guest post writing, essay writing, various clerical work etc.) or via video or telephonic conversation (counseling, BPO, product knowledge sharing, online training, webinar etc.). In nutshell, VA acts as the cost effective support staff.

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • There are times during business operations that you need some extra manpower, but doing so attracts financial overheads. By this time, hiring a virtual assistant is the need of an hour.
  • VA is not on office payroll. So, he/she is not entitled for any kind of perks apart from salary. Such system makes it very much cost beneficial.
  • HR and Accounts processing cycle is very much faster, compared to salaried employee.
  • If somehow, the work is not satisfactory, the contract can be terminated easily.
  • VA can also be commissioned based on the task completion, not as per hour. This helps the businesses which has financial constraints.

Case studies of Virtual Assistant in real business world:

Let’s take examples of website hosting and casinos business models.

For these, the VA person can be mainly trained by two ways: online chat support and customer care through mail / voice call. Either you can find a seasoned professional for such work or a newbie can be given proper training. For the first option, the person knows inside-out of the business. He/she already knows possible problems and solutions. So, all the online enquires can be satisfied in proper manner, which can also turn into a sales or renewal of plans. For the later option, a proper FAQ can help a lot. If the VA person is not familiar with the industry, it is advisable to monitor closely in initial period.


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