Improve your ‘Slime Rancher Gameplay’ with these 3 Slime Rancher MODs

Upgrade the default ‘Slime Rancher Gameplay’ with three new MODs.


3 MODs for ‘Slime Rancher Gameplay’

Slime Rancher game is like no other development you can play these days. In the game you will play as Beatrix LeBeau and you will be the first farmer on the Far Far Range planet. Your mission is to grow slimes and obtain plorts in order to sell them. You will have to provide a proper amount of food and to care for your slimes, who are by the way living creatures with an appealing look. The economics of your ranch has crucial importance. However, the gamer experience is so much better if you mod your Slime Rancher game. By adding a mod (aka modification) you can tweak the game and make it better to play. Below you can see the top 3 mods developed for the game.

Top 3 Slime Rancher MODs:

1. More Vaccables:

More Vaccables is the first mod we have to discuss. It is a powerful addition to the game and it can change the overall gameplay almost completely. While playing the game, gamers are not allowed to pick largos or specific slimes (gold and lucky). The mod eliminates this ban and allows you to pick precisely those slimes. By picking them you will prevent them from escaping.


The mod has a wonderful effect on the gameplay and makes the game easier to play but at the same time more desirable. It is 100% safe to use and all you have to do is to place it in the same folder of the game and you are done.

2. Singularity Slimes:

This mod is a bit more advanced and can be the key ingredient for tweaking the game into something completely new. The game has ordinary slimes, as we all know. But, thanks to the mod you can get white and black slimes. The black slime is basically a black hole and it will eat everything into it. The white slime will blow away all the things that are near it. The food can penetrate the black hole and enter the white hole. You need Gravity Cuffs to be able to stay close to your slimes. Gravity Cuffs uses the energy to keep you next to your slimes and prevent you from being sucked in by a black hole.

3. Colorful Slimes:

Colorful Slimes is perhaps the simplest mod on the list and the simplest one we can think of at the moment. But, it has a huge effect on the gameplay which makes it one of the most commonly used mods in the game. It does as the name suggests. The mod will change the colors of the slimes. Each type will be in a unique color and they will stay like that even after you save the game and come back to play.

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Revive your Slime Rancher Game with Cool Modifications:

Slime Rancher is an excellent game, but it is so much better when paired with these 3 mods. They can change the basics, remove the limits and so much more. Using them is perfectly safe and easy. You will need a couple of minutes to install the mods and make gameplay so much better.


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