Participate in The 48 Hour Film Project Mumbai 2015

The 48 Hour Film Project is back. It is one of the best short film contests where movie makers gets only two days aka 48 hours to finish the short movie. Check out more details of 48 HFP.



The 48 Hour Film Project is very well known short film festival. It is time bound video contest. During this short movie project, the film makers are given the movie topic on the fly. The team have to write the story and screenplay along with the rehearsal and final acting with complete shooting. It has to be edited in sync with background sound and submit the final movie before deadline that is non stop 48 hours. This short movie competition videos are shown at the premiere screening.

All the teams have to submit required documents and agreement papers to get qualified in short film competition. It starts with the kickoff event. The character, the prop and a line of dialogue is announced just few minutes before the contest starts. These elements have to be used in the film making somehow. The director can creatively incorporate them anywhere in the story. The dialog can be heard, seen or written appropriately. It is not mandatory that the specified character is the main star of the film contest. The prop must be used very wisely in the story which somehow should help the movie.

The essential details are as follows :

  • Venue : Western Express Highway Metro Station
  • Registration fees : Rs. 2500 per team
  • Film competition start time  : 9th October, Friday by 18.00 to 19.00
  • Film competition end time : 11th October, Sunday by 19.30

This year’s Mumbai producers are Yogi Chopra and Preeti Gopalkrishnan. check out the following official link of this 48 hr film project Mumbai.

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