Amazing Spiderman 2 : Origin of Spiderman, Super Awesome Visual Effects, Experimented Background Score – All Tangled with Loose Script

Entertainment value : 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

This movie is the actual reboot of Spiderman, showing his origin story. Apart from some loose ends in story line, it’s one of the best IMAX 3D experiences. In some territories the movie is named as – Amazing Spiderman 2 : Rise of Electro.


Story in nutshell : Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is busy balancing his normal life problems and mammoth powers of the Spider-man. Now, he has added one more element to increase his sadness – he is haunted by hallucination of George Stacy (Denis Leary), late father of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) father. The Lizard killed him in Amazing Spiderman’s climax. He tells Parker to stay away from Emma so she will not get hurt by Spider-man’s enemies. After tons of emotional speeches and drama sequences, finally Emma break up with Parker. And, here comes the Electro (Max Dillon – Jamie Fox) . Spidy and Electro runs in an epic battle. Mentally ill Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) returns as Green Goblin as he got access to OsCorp’s secret bio-genetic projects. As the shocking surprise, you see Gwen dying after the battle. After tons of drama and slow script, finally Peter came back as Spider-man and gets peace of mind fighting with new enemies.

The first action sequence of Spiderman with Rhino (Paul Giamatti), running away with a truck full of plutonium, makes you speechless. It just pushes you on the edge of seat and promises for next breath taking visuals. As syncing with Comics, the effects blended with typical Spiderman gags. The slow motion sequences are just mind blowing.


The worth commenting part of the movie is its extravagant visual effects. It had set a new bar for 3D movie experience. The VFX sequences of Spidy’s swings in the city and battle with Electro at Times Square are simply breath taking. It’s vibrant, colorful and spectacular elements of the movie. Apart from the movie VFX, the marketing campaign of Evian Spider Baby was also outstanding.

The second best part of the movie is amazing background score by Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six. It is superbly blended with the story line. Zimmer’s fans have already proclaimed his as MOZART of 21st century.

Apart from heavy 3D VFX sequences, the story consists the most touching and emotional scene. It is when Aunt May (Sally Field) says what she feels about Peter’s real parents. And she insists, after all these, she is his real mother. She fights with Parker to believe on this !!!


The minus points of the movie are tangled script and poor establishment of villains. Electro’s characterization is complete disaster. Webb has completely failed here. Jamie’s character conversion – from biggest fan of Spiderman to super villain against him – is very weakly designed. It just happened in seconds based on very slack misunderstanding. Same goes with Harry’s character. We connect him because we had already seen his weird character in earlier movies. Marton Csokas is completely wasted as Dr. Kafka.

There are two new additions in this movie – Chris Cooper is introduced as Norman Osborn. He tells Harry about the hereditary of his illness and gives him the device which can help him. Felicia Hardy (Felicia Jones) is also introduced in this sequel, She will be future Black Cat.


The funniest parts of TASM2 :

  1. Emma who is just passed out graduate – gives idea about how to kill Electro. The idea which none of the scientists or engineer can think of.
  2. Emma exactly knows which buttons to operate in huge power grid setup. The simple college girl suddenly gets intelligence mind of highly qualified secret agent like Natasha Romannof (Black Widow – SHIELD).
  3. Physically ill Harry suddenly gets enormous power to knock out bodybuilder security guard and gets access to the lab where Electro is caged.
  4. This one is the most hilarious – In the climax, Rhino is attacking bullets to the police in the middle of the town. The police is trying to save themselves. But, surprisingly , the huge crowd is calmly standing near by them – watching this as they are enjoying some kind of sports. No one is panicking, shouting, running for their lives – nothing !!!
  5. Parker again becomes Spiderman after listening the graduate speech of Gwen – its very much cliche.
  6. This one is also the most pathetic part of the movie – The Roosevelt story. It is the secret science lab in old underground subway station. This is only accessible through some coins hidden in calculator which is again hidden in Richard Parker’s briefcase. Here he has uploaded the confession video why he left Peter to Uncle Ben. This entire sequence is the most illogical part of the movie.


The major VFX is done by Sony Pictures Imageworks. The supporting post production houses are MPC, Blur Studio, Pixel Playground and The Third Floor (for previs and postvis). Weta Workshop has worked on Green Goblin’s costume and make-up. They also designed OsCorp props and Electro’s suspension rig.

The biggest surprise is given by Sony. As you Shazam the end credit sequence song – It’s on Again by Alicia Key – it unlocks six photos of super villains for the next movies. The Sinister Six are – Green Goblin, Rhino, Vulture, Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock), Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio.

Check out the image gallery below of character posters, behind the scenes, comic references and HD wallpapers.


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