Webinar by Unity: How industries are using AR and VR throughout life cycle of product

How AR and VR in industrial sector are being used for better productivity?


AR and VR in industrial sector unity webinar

In today’s tech age, majority of industries are going digital. Various support softwares (accounting, staff attendance, performance record etc.) have increased the productivity on multi-fold level. Because of such spatial computing, operations had become much more cost effective and high ROI (Return On Investment) based. Now, we are seeing new trend of heavy use AR and VR in industry sector. They have started adopting the cutting edge technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in production pipeline.

AR and VR are being used from inception of the product to final execution of it. Well, it has challenges, financial and knowledge wise. But, slowly and steadily, such business system is getting ready in place. As per the industry sector, the influence can be minor to major. It is working great in industrial sectors of various genres: product idealization, design, manufacturing, equipment training, maintenance, and throughout the product life cycle. Ultimately, it lead to better customer experience.

To understand the overall impact of AR and VR in industrial sector, Unity has organized a free webinar. The details are as follows.

Webinar: AR & VR: How the industrial market is embracing spatial computing

Date: July 31, Wednesday, 2019

Time: 9 am PDT (You can change timezone to your country during the webinar registration process)

Trainers: John Tomizuka (Co-Founder & CTO John Tomizuka, Taqtile), Kelly Malone (VP, Taqtile)


  • How manufacturing, defense, and AEC organizations deploy AR and VR to their advantage
  • How AR and VR improves industrial processes, complex task learning and more
  • What’s next for real-time 3D and mixed reality in the industrial sector

John and Kelly will discuss regarding various case studies of how AR and VR are being used in various industrial sectors. It had opened new era of smart product life cycle and better business. Such disruptive technologies are going to change all business processes and production pipeline.

Click the Webinar link and register yourself: https://create.unity3d.com/ar-vr-embracing-spatial-computing-in-industrial


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