Befikre VFX Breakdown of Ranveer and Vaani by yFX Studios

Check out various before and after shots in Befikre VFX Breakdown video. The post production is achieved by one of the best visual effects studios of India, yFX Studios (Yash Raj Films – YRF).


befikre vfx breakdown

‘Befikre’ is 2017 Bollywood love flick, directed by Aditya Chopra, starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in lead roles. The carefree love story has so many invisible VFX sequences, which are subtly merged in the story telling. These are done so brilliantly that you don’t even know the visual effects until you see the Befikre VFX breakdown video.

The biggest visual effects highlight of the movie is double role song of Ranveer and Vaani, titled “Je T’aime (I Love You)”. Obviously, double role shooting requires very well planned VFX choreographyespecially if camera is moving. Ranveer and Vaani have done multiple dancing shots with supporting props and actor. Milo rig (Motion controlled camera rig) is used to maintain exact camera motion and timing. Overall lighting is enhanced in DI (Digital Intermediate) process to make it more vibrant.

vaani red hair befikre

vaani red hair ranveer before after

double role ranveer singh

ranveer vaani dancing

ranveer vaani movie vfx


ranveer vaani double role dancing

double role vaani before after


Reportedly, there are 23 kisses of Ranveer and Vaani in the Befikre movie. So, how did VFX got involved in this? Don’t panic. All kisses are real flesh, no any digital intervene is done.

If you taken interest to watch the mesmerizing background of sky, mountain line and ocean behind the kissing sequences; they are composited digitally in post production. Principal shooting is done with use of chroma (green screen) and rigged wires which are removed in the final shots. But natural, you can’t defy gravity and do passionate kissing. So, VFX helps you to lift up and concentrate of your kissing!


ranveer vaani kissing chroma

ranveer vaani kissing after keying

ranveer vaani kissing before

ranveer vaani kissing after


Apart from above sequences, there are good amount of CGI incorporated in the movie. Crowd multiplication shots of football ground and night shots of the Eiffel tower are also remarkable.


vfx crowd multiplication before

vfx crowd multiplication after

eiffel tower paris before after vaani

3d stage wireframe


Check out the official Befikre VFX breakdown video from yFX studios:


Befikre making of

yfx studios yrf

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