Behind The Scenes of India’s First Horror VR Movie: Crackle (3D 360° Virtual Reality Short Film)

Check out movie shooting technical notes and other details in behind the scenes of horror VR movie: Crackle. Get ready for chill spin thrill in this 3D 360 degree short film.


making of horror vr movie crackle 3d 360

Horror VR movie is the latest buzz in short movie industry. The surprise element is the biggest USP of such virtual reality horror movie genre. Unlike traditional movies, the VR experience literally captures your complete attention as you are unaware from where what will happen. Again, as you watch such movie in headgear / VR headset, there is no escape for your eyes or your mind to see anything else. It takes to a whole new level of immersive experience.

‘Crackle’ is India’s 1st 3D 360 horror VR movie. Making of Crackle was incepted by Eddie Avil and Ashley Rodrigues to create powerful and cinematic short film for their VR showreel. Eddie wrote the initial screenplay, which was enhance with inputs of Ashley and Saju Jose (Co-Director) to make proper 360 VR movie experience. The movie is self produced by Eddie and Ashley.

Filming VR movie is never easy. Same went for Crackle with unseen challenges. To get the desired look and feel, they burned the haunted house over two days with tyres. They dealt with several issues likes teething problem of 360 camera rig, permission issues for shooting location, really frightening and hot locations, travelling issues and so on. But, the entire crew was supportive and finally successfully managed to shoot it by post midnight on the final day of shooting. It was a great learning curve for everyone to understand and work accordingly to this new Virtual Reality medium. Behind the scenes of Crackle are as exciting as the final short movie.

17 camera rig vr shooting

Eddie made things a lot easier for the lead cast, Archita Agarwal and Amaan Asif. He took proper VR workshops for the actors with minute details, so they can actually understand spacing and timing required for the Virtual Reality shooting. He had been spot boy, driver, director, producer & the motivator for the entire crew and cast. Eddie had been instrumental in wrapping up the entire shooting in just two days against all odds. As Crackle is his brain child, he pushed hard the envelope and made sure not to leave space for any mistake.

Ashley Rodrigues summarized the entire experience of Crackle horror VR movie: From months of planning and a tough casting to rehearsals, and the shoot going of relatively well, the entire journey has been an experience next to none. While the post is going on, we have realized where we could have done better and what to avoid in the future. This is just the beginning for VR Storytellers and cinematic VR in India. Our subject knowledge has increased multi fold after making Crackle movie.

Saju Jose also tackled with technical and directional challenges for the horror VR movie. The major planning went on how to use natural light effectively as extra light or reflector cannot be used, being Crackle is 360° 3D movie. The supporting crew had to hide properly as soon as camera starts rolling on. Pin point planning had been carried out behind the scenes, each shot had gone through extensive 10 to 12 rehearsals prior the main shooting to cut all loose ends. It was very much needed because real time monitors were not available on set to check the accuracy of the shot. Headphones were used to keep track of sequences. For particular motion shot, they made their own remote controlled dolly system. The tech guy, Nilesh, build this dolly and 17 camera rig.

behind the scenes of crackle

Archita Agarwal shared her experience on Crackle movie: The concept and the idea was marvelous. The first day in the workshop, we were given a good introduction to 360 degree market. Eddie didn’t only briefed us, he shared almost everything he knew so that the director and actors can be on the same page. The best part about this project was the team. There was so much to learn from everyone, such amazing talent and zeal, absolutely loved it. The location was creepy though. There were snakes slithering at the open space we shot which completely added to my fears.

In the words of Amaan Asif: I still remember being called up for an audition which I felt I completely nailed, but hadn’t gotten a call back for weeks post it. All hope had been lost in being a part of India’s first VR 3D short movie Crackle. One fine day, checking my mail, I got a confirmation saying I’ve been locked for one of the characters and trust me that was one amazing moment. From there on the workshops started and right from the very first moment, we all hit it like a group of best friends. A specials mention would go out to the makers in making sure that we always got whatever we wanted or needed right from the smallest to the biggest things. The shoot due to constraints had to be wrapped up in about a day and a half and was really really hectic but once on location, all the tiredness had disappeared and all of us actors including me made sure we wrapped it up because we felt a sense of belongingness to this film. It was truly an amazingly happy set and a brilliant production to work with. Just pray the hard work gone into Crackle from every person involved shows in screen and the audience.

Details of cast & crew are as follows.

Film: CRACKLE (India’s 1st 360 VR Horror Short Film)
Director: Eddie Avil & Ashley Rodrigues
Co-Director: Saju Jose
Cinematographer: Shanti Bhushan Roy
Producer: Eddie Avil & Ashley Rodrigues
Story & Screenplay: Eddie Avil

Cast: Amaan Asif, Archita Agarwal, Rohan Joshi, Snigdhadeep Chatterjee, Shivam Arora

Guest Appearance: Vijayant Narayan

Make Up Team : Radhika Dhas & Team, Fat Mu

Live Audio Recording: Aditya Jadav

Action Director: Prashant Naik & Team

Production : Ujwal Mantri

The technical shooting team of Crackle horror VR movie: (from left to right) Ashley Rodrigues, Shanti Bhushan Roy, Eddie Avil & Saju Jose.

crackle vr horror team addie ashley saju shanti

We wishes best luck to the entire creative and technical team of Crackle, India’s 1st 3D 360 VR horror short film. Kudos to your upcoming endeavours. Check out various making of and behind the scenes image of the short movie.

Crackle VR movie is going through post production right now. From 4K, it went to 6K digital resolution for the top notch quality details. Keep looking this space for more information regarding release date and platforms.

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