Jurassic World VFX Webinar with Behind The Scenes

Enjoy behind the scenes webinar of Jurassic World VFX with the studio Image Engine. The online training video is scheduled by The Foundry in their new series of SESSIONS.


behind the scenes jurassic world webinar

Making of have always been very fastening for the lovers of film making and visual arts. Check out Jurassic World VFX which comprises the before and after scenes. You will experiences a drastic change from what have been shoot on location as raw footage and what is shown in the movie as final output scene. Post production houses and VFX studios can alter the entire live action shooting by so many ways : look and feel, background environment, insertion / deletion of objects, motion graphics, incorporation of 3D elements and many more. This making of movie teaches a lot more on practical grounds.

The Foundry has rolled on the new chapter of their SESSIONS series. This one belongs to the 2015 franchise of Jurassic World VFX. The dinosaurs are presented digitally recreated in much more wiser and bolder look with new tactics. One of the major highlights of the Jurassic World movie is the Raptor dinosaurs named as Blue, Echo, Delta and Charlie. And not to mention, the movie is power packed with great scenic beauty, latest gizmos, new breed of dinosaurs, epic battle sequences to enthrall you.

From London, they are broadcasting live behind the scenes on Jurassic World with Image Engine. This visual effects studio had played major role in the making of this movie. They are responsible for tons of 3D and VFX shots including the four raptors, complete CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary) forest and the mammoth Gallimimus. The studio actually bring the park back to life. The guest speaker from Image Engine is Joao Sita, Compositing Supervisor. Joao will showcase behind the scenes of Jurassic World and how they used NUKE in their post production pipeline. His other recent movie credentials includes Lone Survivor, Chappie and San Andreas. Joao Sita will be accompanied by specialists from The Foundry team during the webinar.

Learn from the experts regarding how to start your own VFX Studio?

The webinar will be followed by Q&A session. Use #TFsessions to get connected and ask your question through Facebook and Twitter.


making of jurassic world webinar

The schedule of Jurassic World VFX webinar training is as follows :

Date : 17th December, Thursday 2015

Time : 7 pm GMT / 2 pm US EDT / 11 am PDT

Venue : Online

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Don’t worry in case you miss this live webinar of The Foundry Sessions. The video will be uploaded on the official site after an hour or so.



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