Grow Your Business using Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video is a great tool of digital content marketing to attract and engage your target audience. Learn why to use them to grow your business.


Animated Explainer Video for digital content marketing

The average customer would prefer to watch a video instead of reading a long post. This is an almost undeniable fact that the statistics will back up. There are a few mediums to use within your videos.

You can either show a presenter on-screen, edit a narrative, or have audio over an animation. The animation route requires work, but is usually going to be the most informative of all the ways you can reach your customers. For example, if you were putting together animated explainer videos, you could show yourself, or you could animate a video that displays exactly what you’re talking about, thus reinforcing the concepts. Showing someone speaking doesn’t really add value to the customer, but showing an animation does. Explainer videos like this can show up to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. This is what happens when a video is well put together and customers benefit from watching it.

With 96% of B2B organizations using videos in their marketing campaigns, there is a clear opportunity for freelance animators to jump in and provide this content. Visual effects are a much more specialized skill than writing, and with the demand for video content constantly increasing, these animators have the chance to greatly increase the scale of their business.

The three most effective forms of video content are customer testimonials, explainer/tutorial videos, and demonstration video. Customer testimonials don’t require animating, but the other two options do. With 50% of marketers saying they require explainer/tutorial videos and another 49% saying they would like to have demonstration videos put together for their business, animators are clearly going to be in high demand in the future.

Another statistic that shows promising things for the future of animators is that around 74% of all traffic will be video-related by 2017. Also, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, and 62% of businesses agree that it has increased the amount of organic traffic they received.

Content marketers know they need to focus on putting together great animated explainer video content for their customers, and are often willing to pay the price for it. This is attributed to a few things. They are generating more sales, spending less to generate them, and also having their brand value increase along the way. Content marketing costs 625 less than outbound marketing, but also tends to generate 3x as many leads. When you have 70-80% of users ignoring paid ads and only focusing on what they find organically, you know you want to re-target your marketing efforts to take advantage of this.

Knowing this, content marketers are going after animators so they can have great animated explainer video that promotes their products. It seems like the market for it is going to continue to increase as the trend continues. Content is king, and videos are the most effective type of content, so it is a good time to be an animator.

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