Great News for Indian Animation and VFX Industry: Dneg in Chennai Opening Up in Late Summer 2017

Officially announced by Matt Holben (CEO), Dneg in Chennai will be the 5th VFX facility of the visual effects studio chain.


Dneg in chennai

Dneg (Double Negative) is an internationally acclaimed visual effects studio having gigantic credentials of Hollywood blockbuster movies. The VFX studio has won various prestigious awards including Academy Awards (Inception, Interstellar, Ex Machina), BAFTA (Inception, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Interstellar) and VES (Inception, Sherlock Holmes, Interstellar), Saturn Awards (The Dark Knight, Inception) and Critics Choice Awards (Inception). Dneg in Chennai, India will inaugurate around late summer of 2017. Double Negative visual effects studios are credited as one of the leading VFX companies. Currently Dneg VFX facilities are established at four locations across the globe: London, Vancouver, Los Angeles and India.

In August 2016, Dneg started its operations from state-of-the-art studio at Goregaon (Mumbai, India) after merger with Prime Focus World. International quality standards of the post production studio, backed by professional dedication of Indian VFX artists made it stand apart. The voice was loud and clear. Double negative provided all its artists the required creative freedom, time and space, in-house facilities, various employee benefits and many other artist centric international policies. Indian Double negative artists were mentored by international artists time to time. They received in-depth knowledge and workflow of softwares, plugins, scripts; all integrated seamlessly with the post production pipeline. Many a times, Indian artists were sent to international facilities of Double Negative for upgradation purpose. These are the reasons, in less than a year, the employee base at VFX facility of Goregaon Dneg studio crossed over 900 artists. It was a huge chunk for visual effects jobs in Mumbai. They executed impeccable output for movies including Fast 7 (The Fate of the Furious), Wonder Woman, Life, The Mummy and many others.

Double Negative​ CEO Matt Holben is very excited for opening up Dneg in Chennai. The studio will hire local talent of South India from artists to support personnel. The working environment, infrastructure, post production pipeline will be completely in-sync with earlier Dneg studios. So, all the visual effects facilities can easily interact with each other and be much more productive.

Dneg in Chennai have job vacancy for all the technical, management and support departments. The studio will also arrange recruitment roadshow in Chennai and Bangalore before launch of the VFX studio. Keep checking social media platforms and official website of Double Negative for job recruitment events and updates.

Address of Dneg Chennai, India is:

Double Negative Visual Effects
Tek Meadows,
Tower A, 2nd floor, No. 51,
Chennai – 600119, 

Contact number: +91 44 6661 6000

Email id for general communication:
Email id for job opening / recruitment details at The Mill India: Saharsh Shah (Recruitment Manager) –

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