E-Learning estimated to become a $300 Billion market

E learning apps are changing the world globally, with various types of knowledge platforms.


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Concept of E-learning:

The idea of e-learning is widely embraced as it gives easy access to knowledge. No matter where you are on the planet, with a good gadget and access to the internet, you can get as many degrees as you want. Users can also earn several badges and certifications from any and every part of the world; all thanks to the power of e-learning. Various types of e learning apps and platforms are emerging on continuous basis.

More users are now appreciate the e-learning market better, with each passing year. Little wonder the e-learning market is estimated to grow from $190 billion in 2018 to $300 billion by 2025. This information was given by a 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. report. The information does not come as a surprise because the high-demand for learning techniques and cost-effective training (which keeps increasing) in corporate and academic sectors will serve as the drivers for the market growth in the years to come.

Advantages of E-learning:

The fact that cloud-based platforms in the e-learning market now provide solutions to the problems of accessibility, flexibility in the content storage, and processing is an added advantage to foster the growth of the industry. The technology for mobile learning is also experiencing rapid adoption by the e-learning industry, thanks to the rise in the use of smartphones. Users can now gain access to helpful e-learning essay writing services right from their mobile phones.

Many platforms for application-based knowledge and mobile-based applications are now being developed to allow smartphone e-learners learn more easily. Even educational institutes and universities are buying into the idea. The fact that the application of technology is growing in academic institutes is a factor that is really enhancing the e-learning market. As the awareness of education is constantly increasing and the acceptance of modern-day solutions (in several schools, universities, and colleges) is also increasing, the rate of literacy is rapidly growing.

Education centers are giving a digitized platform for learning as well as interaction to their students. Many of these centers operate on the basis of distance learning, so they employ the use of tools like videos among other digital tools on these platforms. The e-learning market of North America has accounted for up to 40% of the shares of the industry. It keeps growing very fast as a result of the quick technological adoption by many organizations to give effective training to their employees. Also, corporate sectors are involved in fortifying their employee training programs that lead to high employee productivity.

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World class companies to boost e learning apps and usability:

Many key companies are operating and fully-involved in the market. Such companies include Adobe Systems, Inc., Aptara, Inc., Cornerstone, Meridian Knowledge Solutions, Citrix Education, SAP SE, Microsoft Corporation, NetDimensions., Cisco Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Learning Pool, CERTPOINT Systems, Inc., Apollo Education Group, and Allen Interactions, Inc., among several others. These are world-class companies and their involvement is also a pointer that confirms that the industry is indeed headed for massive growth.


The players in the e-learning market are focused on dispensing their content by the means of the interactive medium. Using such a medium will certainly help in developing a high rate of interest of the learners within these training platforms they have built. Hence, the interactive medium should be incorporated into various e learning apps.


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