How to Become a Successful Animator Even as a Beginner?

Learn tips and tricks to improve your Animation skills even if you are a fresher animator.


How to become a successful animator even as a beginner

Animation is one of the most exciting work fields, and being an animator requires creativity, dedication, and exceptional attention to detail. This is because animators are those who create and design illustrations for different companies, which include advertising agencies, gaming companies, and motion picture studios. To be more specific, the job of animators is to create animation for video games, TV shows or series, and movies.

However, one of the hardest things to precisely learn and be proficient in is animation. If it is your dream to be a successful animator, it can take you years and even more years to polish and perfect your skills in animation. In addition to that, you ought to be enthusiastic as well as committed to know how to impress people and to get to where you want to be. Perhaps, the most important thing that you must keep in mind all the time is that, in fact, animation is not at all mastered. What that means is that to work in the animation industry and to remain as a successful animator, you ought to continuously study and acquire new skills in animation. In this field, there is no such thing as already knowing it all because, like any other thing, animation also evolves. That is why you need to keep up.

In animation, there are always new skills and techniques that you have to learn in order for you to keep pace with other animators. If you are an aspiring animator, and if you want to be successful in this field, you have to use the right strategy in learning. It may require blood, sweat, and tears, but there’s no one but yourself stopping you from becoming a successful animator—even if you’re just starting out as a beginner.

There are different skills and opportunities that you can make use of in order for you to progress as an animator in the fastest way that you can. As a beginner in animation, consider following these useful steps. With a little determination, you’ll be landing all those animator jobs you apply for on Gumtree in no time.

animation tips & tricks

  • Learn and master the art of sketching and illustrating.
    Some people are born with a natural talent to draw, while some others are not. Either way, to become a successful animator, you must not only learn how to draw, but you have got to master the art of drawing as well. What will help you be able to refine your drawing skills is constantly practicing. Practice drawing human forms as well as different muscular structures and learn various dimensions and perspectives. Keep a sketchbook in your purse or backpack so that you can work on your sketches anytime, anywhere.

  • Be a keen observer.
    Go out and explore. While wandering, take the time to carefully observe animals, as well as people and their different expressions and gestures. Take the time to truly watch other living things, as well as inanimate objects. As you watch their each and every movement, try to practice sketching them.

  • Get motivation from the works and achievements of other great animators.
    Study the best practices and strategies of other great professionals in the animation field, and from there, develop your own approach. Keep in mind to just get inspiration from them. Never copy their output. Take pride in producing original work.

  • Be ready to showcase your work.
    When you apply for a job as an animator, always have with you a compilation of your work. This will help people know what you can do so that they can gauge your abilities. While your certificates and other credentials are also important, the best way to show your animation skills is still by means of presenting your work.

  • Continue to master the necessary animation techniques.
    Familiarize yourself with the modern technology behind computer animation. You may learn by yourself by watching the numerous tutorials available on the Internet for free. You may also prefer to take animation courses at a reputable training center to become familiar with the different software used in the industry of animation.

  • Don’t let earning dollars be your only point of interest.
    More than being eager in making money, you must be consistently creative and hard-working, as well as dedicated and persistent. So, during your first few years as an animator, don’t lose hope when you don’t get high compensation yet. You will eventually get there.

  • Learn how to act.
    While you don’t need to be preparing to win an Oscar, you do need to know how to move and take on different roles. Practice acting so that you can truly understand the gestures of your own animation.

  • Share what you know.
    Because there is always a new skill to acquire and new knowledge to gain in the animation industry, you must never stop learning and imparting your knowledge to other animators. It’s a constantly evolving field, meaning that you should be constantly evolving too!

Always keep in mind that whatever it is that you aspire to be, you should always have passion and dedication, and all the rest will follow.


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