Learn industry standard chroma removal techniques through webinar tutorial

How to remove green and blue screen chroma, using Boris FX Continuum Primatte Studio?


chroma removal techniques tutorial webinar

Check out details of Boris FX’s latest webinar regarding keying tips and tricks. The best part of this live training session is that this online learning video is focused for editors more than typical Visual Effects artists / compositors. You will learn the chroma removal workflow inside Adobe Premiere Pro itself.

Complete details of the webinar are as follows.

Title: Pulling the Perfect Key with Continuum Primatte Studio

Trainer: Ben Brownlee (Director of Learning & Production)

Date: 22nd August, Thursday 2019

Time: 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT (In webinar registration page, change it to the timezone of your country)


  • Keying it right – keeping in details, killing spill, creating garbage and hold-in masks using built-in Mocha tracking
  • Prepping and matching the background plate
  • Using the Pixelchooser to easily cheat depth of field
  • The importance of color and Ben’s concept of “color seasoning”
  • Adding atmosphere with Particle Illusion

Giveways: Lucky online participant can win 1 year subscription to VFX softwares including the Boris FX Bundle ($1195), Sapphire ($895), Continuum ($695), and Mocha Pro ($595).

Webinar registration link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3133540370262359053

Ben Brownlee will practically show how to use Boris FX’s Continuum’s Primatte Studio, inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Ben will teach various industry standard chroma removal techniques, for better compositing output. To make the final shot, you don’t need to render from your editing software and make confirm it in compositing software. You can cut down of your dependency on Compositing artist and render the final output from your preferred NLE (Non Linear Editing) package only. You can execute keying and blue / green screen compositing in one go.

More than mere software, Brownlee will focus on techniques. So, you can apply these keying techniques in other softwares like Adobe After Effects, Avid and any OFX (Open FX) platform.

Do register yourself as soon as possible. Although it is webinar (live training learning), seats are limited.


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