Celebrating life, celebrating “us”: Legend, Pune wishes International Women’s Day to all!

Legend Pune celebrating womanhood this International Women’s Day.


Legend Pune celebrates International Womens Day

Top L-R: Rekha Chauhan, HR Manager, Shamitha K., General Manager, Nayana Nair, Executive Asst. to Management, Sheetal John, Production Manager, Deepti Nadhan, Asst. Production Manager

Bottom L-R: Monalisa Bhattacharya, Line Producer; Srilagna Saha, Communications & Marketing Manager

While we’re obsessed with the idea of declaring “special” days to celebrate festivals, birthdays and anniversaries of all kinds, one wonders why we’ve isolated some days of the year to celebrate “womanhood”. The milestones we’ve achieved, or transformations we’ve gone through – is it at all necessary to mark specific days on the calendar to remind ourselves of these journeys?

As the Legend Pune team gears up for this year’s International Women’s Day (Friday, March 8th), we approached some of our finest women team players and asked them to share their thoughts. For above mentioned image, names are as follows.

“Making small gestures portraying women’s rights or doing something to show that they’re equal should be a daily deed,” stated Shamitha Kattukandy, General Manager of Legend’s India operation. While Rekha Chauhan, Legend’s HR manager, added “let’s celebrate those women who stood up for their rights and think about those who struggled to make their presence felt.”

Yet we continue to embrace the age-old concept of designating a single day each year to celebrate our extraordinarily talented women whose significant contributions often fail. In full support of empowering women to succeed in their professional careers, the Legend Pune family gives each of these fascinating women a voice, a platform, and a support system to honour their hard work and ongoing effort to provide quality results. We also aim to advocate changes in the way some look at female talent. “Only a small shift in the thought process by those surrounding us can make an overall impact,” continued Kattukandy, who continues to be a source of inspiration for many artists.

We also caught up with other female artists at Legend to understand their learning curve in this so-called male dominated industry. Overcoming some major hurdles, these women want to stand out in the crowd, they want their work to be acknowledged, they want to get heard more often, and, most importantly, are determined to not let the uneven male-female ratio thwart their goals.

One of Legend’s youngest woman members, Nayana Nair, believes she can have a diverse role across the facility. Nair, who works as an executive assistant to the management team, is aware that hard work and real talent can take you places.

We take this opportunity to let all those young dreamers know that we are committed to this initiative. We understand how much it pains when mothers leave their new-borns or toddlers at home. We recognize those who aspire to make a name for themselves and celebrate those who rise to become our own team’s role models. Salute and respect to our entire female team.

International Womens Day Legend Pune Female Team

Congratulations to Srilagna Saha (Communications & Marketing Manager, Legend, Pune) for this inspiring piece and best wishes to the entire Legend women workforce for sharing beautiful stories.

Shamitha K. – General Manager, Legend Pune:

Shamitha K., General Manager, Legend Pune

I’m heading the Legend Artist Pvt. Ltd in India and I want to wish a very Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful women out there. As a person who’s heading a studio which has a 10 percent women population and 40 percent of the top management are women, it is something which I’m very proud of and happy about, because I know as a woman this industry is challenging – but it also nourishes you and brings you up if you’ve the desire for it.

Everyone who works along with me understands that every woman has the right for empowerment and that is something Legend focuses on. It’s very nice to see that we’ve a support system here irrespective of whether they’re in India or in LA to make sure that you’re given the best opportunity, and that is something which will encourage a lot of girls to take this as their career of and grow in it.

The creative field needs you to be imaginative, needs you to explore what is inside you and women are creative naturally. It’s an industry which has a lot of scope for women and that’s what we constantly propagate at Legend.

We wouldn’t be here without all the male members around supporting us constantly – giving us that courage to take that step ahead, to be their as our pillar of support – whether it’s our family, husbands, parents, team leads, our supervisors, our co-workers – everyone comes with the same mentality. We dream to have 20-25 percent of women workforce here and that’s what we all are working towards and hopefully we will achieve it soon. Happy Women’s Day once again to everyone!

Rekha Chauhan – HR Manager, Legend Pune:

Rekha Chauhan, HR Manager, Legend Pune

I’d like to share my own experience about female employees at Legend Studio.

Working in a male dominated industry, at Legend Studio we’ve promoted and encouraged female hiring. Though we’re a smaller group at Legend, we have female employees working in all levels at Legend – majority of our female employees work as managers, wherein they manage a team size of 100 plus male crowd. Where on one side we have female freshers working with us, on the other side we’ve married females working with us too, even newly married female artists, even mothers who went on maternity leave but resumed work later.

Despite of this disparity, we’ve never really faced any problems in terms of their work efficiency and deliverables. It has been nice to have this group around. At Legend, most of the female employees work in the night shift and they request to be in that shift and yet they manage to have a good work-life balance.


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