Making of FAN Movie by RedChillies.VFX

Making of FAN movie is out and it is an exceptional case study in the history of Indian Animation and VFX Industry.


Making of Fan Movie

Making of FAN movie has set new bench mark in the Visual Effects industry. The onscreen characterization and look of Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav is supported by three time Oscar winner makeup artist Greg Cannom‘s prosthetic make up with immensely creative and technical team of Red Chillies VFX.

The biggest challenge was to create 25 years old Gaurav, sabse bada FAN, out of 50 years old original Shahrukh Khan. RC VFX roped internationally acclaimed special makeup effects artist Greg Cannom. His amazing artistic skills of make up made this vision of the Director Maneesh Sharma came alive. For Cannom, it was a massive technically challenged project like his earlier Oscar Award winning movie – The Curious case of Benjamin Button. Shahrukh Khan completely assisted him for daily 4 to 5 hours of prosthetic make up task. This irritating task was the major demand of the script of FAN movie.

The creative and technical team of Red Chillies VFX is coined as the biggest game changer in the making of FAN movie. The prosthetic makeup of Shahrukh Khan was supported by multiple tracking markers on face during the live action shooting of FAN movie. These facial track marks were used heavily in the post production at Red Chillies. Hollywood level of accuracy had been achieved for articulate Matchmoving and seamless Compositing. Autodesk Maya and The Foundry NUKE are used for various post production operations. The persistency of all RC VFX digital artists made this mammoth task successful.

The major Animation and Visual Effects implemented to look SRK young are:

  1. Sharp and small size CG nose
  2. Overall body shape compressed to show thin version of young version of Shahrukh Khan
  3. Eyes made little bit bigger
  4. Eyebrows got straightened
  5. Lips got changed in proportion of thin face
  6. Jaw line got sharpened
  7. Changed the overall skin tone
  8. Shoulders got narrowed

Apart from SRK, Keitan Yadav (Chief Operating Officer, VFX Producer) and Haresh Hingarani (Production Director, VFX Supervisor) are two major pillars to run the entire show for this incredible success journey so far. The duo, Keitan and Harry, will reveal FAN movie behind the scenes at effects MTL 2016, Canada. They will conduct one hour long session named ‘Creating Gaurav: RedChillies.vfx’s VFX on FAN’. It will have all technical and creative details of making Gaurav from Shahrukh Khan. The session will include complete concept to finalization process of FAN movie.

The full video: Red Chillies VFX presents ‘The ‪VFX‬ Making of ‪FAN‬’

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chrome ball shooting chroma

chroma green screen shahrukh khan

3D scanning shahrukh khan

3d scanning fan movie

3d face maya shahrukh khan

gaurav aryan togeter fan movie

aryan gaurav shahrukh khan

making of the fan movie

before and after fan

before and after chroma

blue screen chroma shooting

chroma blue screen fan

fan before after

Fan Movie Making of

track points before after fan

fan movie behind the scenes

fan movie before and after

prosthetic makeup fan movie

prosthetic makeup shahrukh khan

nuke fan vfx

nuke compositing  pipeline

cg nose fan shah rukh khan

maya face projection fan movie

gaurav shah rukh khan

srk becomes gaurav

srk gaurav fan movie

shahrukh khan as gaurav

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