How to get more results out of your MocDoc HMS | Hospital Management Software

Why should you use MocDoc HMS (Hospital Management Software)? Check out benefits.


MocDoc Hospital Management System Software Features

MocDoc HMS is advanced, comprehensive and fully integrated hospital management software that can be adopted by healthcare organizations, providers and staff. This HMS can streamline the simple as well as complicated hospital functions and other similar operations. It is a one stop solution for all those healthcare organizations that are still relying on outdated client server technologies. The HMS will completely transform the fundamentals of your hospital management.

A cloud based platform, the HMS facilitates your efforts when handling finances, quick creation of invoices for patients and insurance providers, and more such activities. MocDoc comes in built with automated feature and intuitive user interface.

The HMS is fantastic hospital management software that provides you a robust, secure and clear solution for all the needs related to healthcare and medical institutions. That apart, the HMS allows the hospital staff to conduct their activities quickly and smoothly without relying on paper work. Moreover, this hospital management software delivers automated alerts, reports, precise insights to all the stake holders.

Features of MocDoc Hospital Management System Software:

Let us take a quick look at its features:

  • Procedure Management
  • Day Care Management System
  • In-patient Management System
  • Doctor Consultation & Electronic Medical Record
  • Lab Information System
  • Radiology & Imaging Information System, PACS Support
  • Purchase, Inventory Management and Consumption Tracking
  • Pharmacy Information System (Drugs or Opticals)
  • Hospital Support Function System
  • System Administration Functions
  • Diagnostic Management
  • Pharmacy with Inventory
  • Marketing Control System
  • Billing System
  • Electronic medical records
  • Referral management
  • Inventory management
  • Patient registration
  • Billing and revenue cycle management
  • Client management and credit control
  • Doctor schedule and appointments
  • Modality Schedule and appointments
  • Accident and emergency care

It is clear from the above list that this hospital management suite has a whole range of features which can directly benefit the hospital staff, doctors and patients. The HMS is a cost effective solution for healthcare organisations that facilitates them to provide better healthcare and medical services to the patients.

MocDoc Hospital Management System Software Dashboard

Healthcare organisation can gain the confidence of the patients by making the processes completely transparent. It also improves the communication among the staff members and allows the physicians to share the medical history, prescription and important reports with each other. In a nutshell, it can reduce the chances of errors and can save crucial time of the staff – time,which can be used to save a life!

Now, if there was anything priceless in the true sense of the word, this is it!

Technical Specifications:

Organisation type:SMEs, mid market, Enterprise, Govt, PSUs, Start ups
Number of employees:1-10, 11-15, 16-200, 201-500, 501-1000
Supported platforms:Windows, Android and iOS
Devices:Desktop, Mobile
Deployment:Web based
Suitable for:Healthcare
Business specific:Hospitals

How to Get More Results Out of Your MocDoc HMS | Hospital Management System:

MocDoc HMS is a one stop, digital healthcare solution facilitating the healthcare professionals to serve the patients in a better way. It can easily integrate and synchronise with the pre-existing technology. If your healthcare organisation is still relying on conventional methods of hospital management,then, it is the time to upgrade your system with MocDoc.

Following are some tips to make the most out of your MocDoc HMS and improve your hospital management functions:

  1. Maintain the medical records of the patient using the HMS’ database management feature. You can access and manage numerous medical records at a time with just a single click. This hospital management software eliminates the use of papers in the functions of hospitals, clinic, laboratories and other healthcare units.

    With this feature, you no longer need to use paper records. Organizing and maintaining of records manually is a major administrative hassle apart from being a source of errors. This healthcare management software provides a hassle free electronic medium to healthcare providers to maintain the patient’s medical records. You can also prepare visual case sheets with this HMS.

  2. Do not forget to use the interactive administrative dashboard of the MocDoc HMS. It is one of the finest features provided by this software. You can track your earning and spending and take better decisions in your investment.

    With MocDoc HMS hospital management software, you will get all the useful information which you can use to cleverly execute your strategy and plans. This information can also be used in analyzing key statistics related to pharmacy or laboratory matters to discover significant trends.
    MocDoc HMS hospital management software

  3. You can easily manage beds that were occupied by in patients to be prepared for maintenance activities. In this manner, you will be able to ensure the cleanliness of the premises. Plus, safe beds will be available for incoming patients.
  4. Do not generate manual invoices, as MocDoc HMS provides you the facility of creating and sending out invoices for out-patients having medical insurance.
  5. Record and maintain the pharmacy stock using MocDoc Hospital management software. You can ensure that the hospital has sufficient stock of medicine and other medical supplies. It gives you the ability to set your own stock levels so that you can determine the re-orders of medical supplies.
  6. Configure the lab report templates to match the specific needs of various doctors. Use the notifications about the status and availability of tests results that are delivered to them via text or email.
  7. Create follow up visits while retaining the previous data and SMS prescriptions to patients using MocDoc hospital management software.
  8. Set multiple rate plans for same room based amenities. Avoid revenue loss by managing advances, creating paid spot bills and automatic billing of rooms and other charges.


MocDoc HMS is wonderful hospital management software. It can raise the efficiency of a healthcare and medical service organisation to an optimal level. The HMS offers its users a wide range of comprehensive features. These features are beneficial for both hospital management staff and the patients, if utilized in an appropriate manner.

You can easily digitise all your transactions, documents, medical records in hospitals or clinics. It provides an online platform that connects the patients and doctors in real time. Anyone who employs MocDoc hospital management software will definitely improve the healthcare services and will serve the patients in an effective manner.


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