New features of Houdini 17.5: Check out what’s new from SideFX

Procedural system workflow of Houdini makes it robust and powerful. Learn about new features of Houdini 17.5.


In very less time period, Houdini has captured mammoth market of Media & Entertainment sectors including movies, commercials, games, motion graphics and VR (Virtual Reality) and various other video content generation mediums. With continuous and industry specifics updates from SideFX, Houdini is getting strong by every version.

New features of Houdini 17.5 are as follows.

TOPS/PDG (Procedural Dependency Graph):

TOPs is PDG technology being applied to Houdini. TOP nodes integrate seamlessly with the rest of Houdini. This brings the power of PDG to FX workflows, but is not limited only to FX. Games, Motion Graphics and other workflows can also benefit, as can technologies such as Houdini Engine.

FLIP FLUIDS (Distributed Sims):

Distributed simulations are now available for narrow band and white water sims to make it easier to create larger sims.

VELLUM constraints:

To add more control when working with VELLUM, per point constraints and fiber constraints have been added into Houdini.

Volumes are GPU accelerated:

It is now easier to make creative decisions when working with fire, smoke and clouds. GPU accelerated volumes are available in the viewport where they can be evaluated before sending them out to be rendered.

MODELING (Selection and Measure):

Houdini continues to improve general modeling tools with new selection options and an improved Measure SOP.

Interactive RBD Constraints:

When creating destruction shots, the proper setup of constraints is a key element that is now easier in Houdini 17.5. You can now create constraints interactively to more easily refine your setup.

Shader parity:

Houdini’s Principled shader has been tweaked to match more closely to Mantra renderings and how other applications display materials in their viewport.


For nodes that have multiple outputs, there are now controls for properly displaying and evaluating what data is coming out of the secondary outputs.

To get the full details of new features of Houdini 17.5, check out official SideFX Houdini page.

Don’t miss the recorded video of Houdini 17.5 launch presentation. It shows all new features list in details with practical presentation.


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