New Features of Nuke 11.2: Upgraded UI, New API for Deep Compositing, Enhanced Performance and Much More

Check out what’s new in Nuke 11.2, the latest update from Foundry.


new features of nuke 11.2

Foundry released Nuke 11.2 with tons of upgraded features and improvements. The VFX compositing software is achieving new technical heights with every update. Such developments are must in cutting edge technology age, where digital artists are continuously pushing the envelope with every new blockbuster Hollywood movie, TV series and commercials. Such continuous advancements helps Foundry Nuke to remain leading software in post production pipeline of various VFX studios, ranging from small team of artists to giant visual effects house.

New features of Nuke 11.2 are as follows.

Updated UI:

Tab menu is improvised to find and add nodes on a faster manner through improved search algorithm. For LiveGroups and Gizmos, new UI is designed to make work faster, with edition of user knobs. It will lower down execute time of mundane and repetitious works. You can also set aside favorites or most commonly used nodes.

New API for Deep Compositing:

Deep compositing is extensively used feature of Nuke. It gives accurate control to set the quality benchmark. New API for deep compositing is memory saver, up to 1.5x faster as per in-house test of Foundry. It accelerates as per the huge scripts, thus giving more creative freedom to the Compositing artists. Various bugs are fixed and toolsets are optimized. Now, it can also access and work on meta data in huge node base structure.

Smart Vector Toolset:

Smart vector toolset are accelerated towards GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) computation. This updated workflow shows instant preview of the Nuke script, without need of rendering or cache building. It also nullified technical glitches of motion vector and distortion through introduction of new mask input in the tool. It is huge time saver for complex shots.

Nuke Studio:

Project panel is an essential part of Nuke Studio. The UI is redesigned and made very easy for organizing and faster navigation. Improvements are also done in spreadsheet and timeline. Visual controls will help to tackle complex sequences efficiently. Customized poster frame can be used for the entire clip.

Artist can also assign different color to different layers of timeline to bifurcate them, as per his/her own parameters. Project bin is updated with new sorting and searching options for better visual arrangement.

Python improvements:

Programming / Coding is the core of every improvement. To manage localized files on more efficient way, two new Python callbacks are introduced. Artists can also swap out-of-date clips with network files. It works on redirection method.

Camera SDK and GPU support:

SDK (Software Development Kit) for ARRI and R3D are updated in Nuke 11.2 version. GPU support lists are extended on Linux and Windows platforms. The latest additions are 2017 iMac Pro, Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Pro SSG.

Download complete release note of new features of Nuke 11.2 in pdf format from the official site.


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