Free online Nuke VFX course by Foundry: Webinar of Live Groups and collaborative workflow

Latest Nuke webinar of Live Groups and collaborative workflow.


nuke vfx course webinar live groups

Terry Riyasat will conduct upcoming online Nuke tutorial session. Learn complete details of Live Groups function of Foundry Nuke. Terry is Head of Creative Services (AMER).

The details of the webinar and registration link are as follows.

Topic: Live Groups – Exploring the power of collaborative workflow in Nuke

Date: 13th March, Wednesday 2019

Time: 5 pm GMT | 10 am PDT (Change it to timezone of your country in webinar registration page)


  • The Live Group node as an alternative to a gizmo, as well as using it as a shared asset.
  • The many different ways to use the Live Group and Live Input nodes in collaborative compositing workflows.
  • Some tips and tricks for these powerful nodes and how to use Python from the available callbacks.

Terry will use Nuke 11.3 version for teaching this Nuke tutorial, as it covers all latest features of Live Groups. The online Nuke VFX course of live groups will end after Q&A session by attendees and Terry.

Learn new features of Nuke, Mari, Katana and Athera in Foundry Nuke roadshow India 2019. It will cover Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

About Terry Riyasat:

Based out of Toronto Canada, Terry has been in the visual effects industry for over ten years, working on commercials, television and film. He’s worn many hats in the industry, including that of an artist, compositing supervisor, and on-set VFX supervisor. He continues his focus on the industry as Head of Creative Services (AMER) for Foundry.

Registration link for the Nuke webinar of Live Groups


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