Overtime rules and payment for Animation and VFX Artists – Sign the Petition on change.org

Overtime rules and payment are critical issues of Indian Animation and VFX Artists. Sign the petition for betterment of our Media and Entertainment industry’s artists. This Green Screen Revolution is started by Manish Makhija to Smriti Irani on change.org.


Overtime rules and payment for Animation and VFX Artists

Overtime rules and payment for Animation and VFX Artists – this is the petition signed by Indian VFX veteran artist Manish Makhija on change.org. It is petitioned to Smriti Irani, Minister for Human Resource Development, Department of School Education & Literacy, India. In just two days, it received 1500+ supporters who signed the revolution. Please sign it and forward ahead to make it huge movement. It will be your contribution to help our industry and artists.

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We are the root for astonishing Media and Entertainment sector’s some of the biggest genres : Feature Films, Games, Television, Commercials and many other forms of AV presentations. Indian Animation and VFX artists are at their best when coming to quality and quantity of the Animation, Post Production and Visual Effects output. Nearly all major Hollywood block buster movies have credentials of Indian visual effects artists. But, we are not getting enough salary according to our hard work we put in for each and every shot. Now, the studios are hiring on contract basis, so the artists again gets dip in the wage. On top of it, there is no surplus remuneration for overtime work. So, the artist has to work freelance apart from the regular day job.

But, this is not how it should be.

We are facing all these problems as there is no lobby of us in the Indian Government. There is no system to raise our problems to concerned authorities. Through this ‘Overtime rules and payment for Animation and VFX Artists’ petition, Manish wants to regulate minimum wages per hour along with work timings. There must also be fixed ratio of contract / permanent employees in Animation and Visual Effects companies. By getting support of Government authorities and laws, we can earn what we deserve with satisfaction of work. It will be a boost up to creates best visual effects output only.

Sign the petition and share it for the betterment of our Animation and VFX Industry : Overtime rules and payment for Animation and VFX Artists

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Come, join the revolution. Share the news to your colleagues and friends to help Indian Animation and VFX Industry artists. 

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