Attend Free Webinar: ‘The End of Year Film Review’ by Pearson College London and Escape Studios

Participate in exciting webinar of ‘The End of Year Film Review’ by Helen O’Hara and Greg Wetherall.


the end of year film reviw webinar

We had seen mind blowing Visual Effects in the year 2017 so far and more are still on the way to enthrall us with astonishing blend of CGI and VFX, to accurately depict perception of the director. Animation and VFX are now integral part of storytelling rather than just as an add-on. They had been seamlessly integrated in our film making process from long time and now-a-days, we hardly watch any movie without going through process of post production.

Apart from the silver screen, TV series are not behind in the race. The small screen is producing stunning Animation and Visual Effects which are at par with Hollywood blockbuster movies. Game of Thrones, The Punisher, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Heroes to name a few.

If you love such stuff, then there is a great bonanza for you from Pearson College London and Escape Studios. They are presenting free webinar ‘The End of Year Film Review’ for the fast recap of 2017 Hollywood blockbuster movies. Like the last year, movie buffs Helen O’Hara and Greg Wetherall will again lead the show. They will discuss about various notable movies of the year. You just can’t miss the conversation of these two guys with their impeccable analysis and comments.

Helen has intense experience of more than a decade in the film journalism. Currently designated as an Editor at Empire, she is actively hosting various events and seminars. On the same lines, Greg also has decade long credentials in the areas of journalism and broadcasting. On a freelance basis, he works for many eminent publications.

Excited? The details of ‘The End of Year Film Review’ webinar is as follows.

Date: 29th November, Wednesday 
Time: 5.00 to 7.00 pm (GMT)

Click here to get registered for the webinar.

Wanna have a look at what can you expect in ‘The End of Year Film Review’ webinar? Check out recorded webinar video of 2016, featuring Helen O’Hara and Greg Wetherall where they discussed about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Rogue One, Doctor Strange and many other Hollywood blockbuster movies.


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