The Foundry NUKE 10 is coming soon in early 2016

The Foundry NUKE 10 is coming. The open beta version will be released on 14th January 2016 to customers on valid maintenance. Get all in-depth technical details and new features of NUKE 10 video in the following post.


the foundry nuke 10 coming

The Foundry NUKE 10 has already started hot buzz among VFX artists worldwide. As anticipated; it is bundled with improved quality performance and stability, bug fixes, new tools and many more. It is packed with whole new tool sets, various integration techniques along with improved performance and workflows. All these will ultimately lead to faster output without sacrificing quality. The open beta will be available on 14th January 2016 to customers on valid maintenance. The software company had got huge financial back up after HgCapital acquired majority of ownership at The Foundry.

New features of NUKE 10 are as follows :

  1. OpenColorIO integration for easier color management workflow by integrating it into NUKE’s root LUT (Look Up Table) management.
  2. 3D ray trace renderer (new tool) can create native reflections with higher quality output.
  3. Roto Paint tool performance is enhanced. Dealing with huge numbers of paint strokes through singe RotoPaint node had made stable. Now, the artist don’t have to take multiple RotoPaint nodes. It is backed up by internal smooth workflow.
  4. Vector Blur algorithms are re-coded to run on GPU. It is optimized to produce highest quality motion blur including areas of occlusion.
  5. The Foundry is also taking GPU route a big way. NUKE’s GPU accelerated tools can use the power of dual identical NVIDIA GPUs. Also, MacBook Pro laptops will support AMD cards after this launch.
  6. NUKE 10 now supports ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) workflow.
  7. PySide (Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit) and OpenEXR libraries are updated.
  8. Blink Script can now accept a GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) GPU path

Some of the above features will be revealed in The Foundry India road show 2015 seminar.

new features of nuke 10

Enjoy the new features of NUKE 10 videos.

Coming soon in NUKE 10


NEW in NUKE: Powerful ray trace rendering


New features of NUKE STUDIO are indicated below. It is one stop solution for all sorts of visual effects works with editorial and finishing powers. It is an ideal choice either for freelancers or huge VFX and post production houses.

  1. Timeline tools are enhanced in faster responsive manner. It will help for stable playback.
  2. Real-time keyer is the new addition to remove chroma / green screen / blue screen.
  3. Audio problems (Audio Scrubbing) are solved on major level.
  4. New tool added for cc : Color Correct Soft Effect.
  5. Half waveform display option is configured in the main UI.
  6. Transcoding of various file formats are improved.
  7. New timeline gives faster QT (QuickTime) creation.
  8. Smart Paint toolset in NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO will be used to add new textures. Also applicable to perform paint operation in image sequences which are of complex motion nature.

Check out how NUKE was used in the astonishing VFX of ‘The Martian’.

Get ready to dirty your hands with The Foundry NUKE 10.

New features of NUKE STUDIO videos on Vimeo :

NEW in NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO: Smart Paint toolset


NEW in NUKE STUDIO: Real-time keying on the timeline

the foundry nuke 10 workflow

nukex and nuke studio paint

nuke studio timeline


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