The Foundry Webinars and Sessions: Collection of Great Video Tutorials from Industry Experts

Get access to complete collection of The Foundry Webinars and Sessions series. These high quality video tutorials cover vast gamut of latest VFX technologies.


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The Foundry has always been innovative and experimental to help Animation and VFX artists. The company works on both the fronts very swiftly: continuous software development and enriching latest knowledge to all digital artists in free and easily accessible manner. The Foundry webinars is one of the best examples of such activity.

The digital broadcast with live Q&A session is empowering the knowledge on a giant scale, removing geographical boundaries. Webinars have been an alternative resource of video tutorials in recent years. Unlike the static video tutorials, the webinars are generally of interactive manner. Online participants can interact with the tutor via chatting or voice calling. It helps to clear the doubt on the spot and serves the core purpose of online learning event.

Why these webinars are the best?

  • The speaker is from The Foundry team only, the company who creates the software. So, you get actual insights of the software.
  • Versatile range of management and technical trainer, ranging from creative specialist to product manager. It widens your horizon of typical software learning to extensive application areas.
  • You receive industry standard tips and tricks for optimal use of the softwares.
  • Missed a webinar? Don’t worry. The Foundry webinars recordings are available for you to learn at your own pace.

The current series of webinars had covered these softwares and technologies so far: NUKE STUDIO, NUKE, MODO, KATANA, CARA VR and MARI. These exclusive topics makes these webinars best learning platform.

The Foundry Sessions are different from usual software training video tutorials. Sessions emphasis more on technology rather than giving training on software tools and its usage. Sessions ranges from variety of modules from gaming, architecture, advertising, marketing to very own Animation and VFX. It covers topics such as in-depth subject discussion with expert’s panel, behind the scenes of movie, evaluating latest technology, interview of market leaders, VR (Virtual Reality) and many others.

Check out the following link of The Foundry Webinars and Sessions series.


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