7 Bitcoin Lending Platforms

Top list of leading Bitcoin lending platforms.


Top list of leading Bitcoin lending platforms

Bitcoin lending rests on the per-to-peer or P2P lending principle. So, the crypto coins are used for funding loans and also as collateral. The Bitcoin lending platforms act as a bank where the lenders are nothing but holders of savings accounts. The platform will verify the credibility of the borrower and offer loans to him. In exchange, the borrower will share his profit with the lender. Some lending platforms have native tokens that can provide discounts to both lenders and borrowers. Apart from this, you can also choose the path of bitcoin investing.

7 Bitcoin Lending Platforms:


1. Bitbond:

This is a peer-to-peer lending platform that is right from SMEs or small businesses looking for quick and cheap loans. It is regulated and approved by the German government and helps in lending across borders. You must provide basic ID verification details, and when you submit a financial assessment, the site gives you a rating; people with higher ratings will get approvals faster. Borrowers will get to borrow one loan at one time, and interest rates will vary according to borrower’s credibility.

2. xCoins:

This is also P2P platform connecting Bitcoin borrowers and lenders. Lending platforms work based on how much bitcoin is traded every day. At present, bitcoin trading is quickly and efficiently done through automated software applications like Bitcoin Trader by all levels of investors. This site works like a middleman and loans originating here are person-to-person. xCoins allows users to borrow BTC through “secured loans” that may be repaid using any payment method that PayPal recognizes. Borrowers here can receive their money back when they no more wish to own BTC. It is free to join for lenders; so, when you wish to offer crypto loans, you can establish your interest rate, get loan origination fees and collect PayPal processing fees.

3. Nexo:

Founded in 2017 by TechCrunch co-founder, this platform serves more than 20,000 clients and endorses about 45 fiat currencies. Nexo wallets are backed by BitGo. Lenders can get interests on a daily basis, and withdraw amounts at any point of time. Nexo also provides lenders with a high interest rate of 8%. The platform is both innovative and competitive, but lenders can make deposits only in ETH or BTC.

4. Celsius Network:

This started operations in 2018 and allows deposits to be made in multiple crypto coins. There are no charges for deposits, termination, withdrawal, and transactions. The Celsius wallet is supported by BitGo also and has multi-signature feature. There are no limits on deposits and lenders are free to withdraw their money anytime. However, this platform cannot operate in the US, and it works only as a mobile app.

5. Coin Loan:

This is undeniably one of the finest crypto lending platforms today. This platform secures assets using collaterals that are issued by borrowers. When the borrowers are unable to repay interests on time, this collateral will insure the damages. So, Coin Loan is a secure platform for lending, accepting many currencies like the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. funds can be taken out easily and the borrowers may get loans in fiat currency. This company is legitimate and licensed; so it guarantees loan payments.


This is a pioneer in Bitcoin lending platforms and supports P2P lending. Founded in 2014 in the UK, this holds more than $1 million across 60 nations worldwide. It caters to more than 20,000 clients and offers depositors 5% interest rate. Depositors may get 15% interest rates on multiple loans. However, it does not endorse fiat currency.

7. Credible Friends:

This is suitable for people keen to borrow BTC. It is an app on your smartphone that functions like a P2P lending platform. Borrowers can borrow crypto coins from a list of trustworthy friends. So, users may use this app like a credit card or wallet and repay just as they would repay credit cards. Late payments lead to payment of late fees, and minimum payments are to be paid once a month.


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