Stand a Chance to Win $20,000 Cash and Many More in Latest Unity Competition: Neon Challenge

Neon Challenge: The Unity competition asks for creating the best futuristic real-time environment to win grand prize of $20,000 in cash.


unity competition neon challenge

Unity Technologies had launched the Unity competition titled ‘Neon Challenge’. It was inspired by 2016 award winning short film ADAM, created by Neill Blomkamp (Director of District 9, Elysium and Chappie) and Unity team. Neill showcased very strongly how Unity game engine can be used for real-time rendering, for both movies and games. It was followed by Adam: The Mirror and Adam: The Prophet. The movies were built with assets from the Unity Asset Store.

Unity team is giving chance to all Unity game engine users to showcase their best talent through Neon Challenge contest. Some of essential details of the Unity competition are as follows.

Theme: Futuristic real-time game environment
Total prize money: $31,650
Unity technologies to use: Unity Asset Store, Cinemachine, Timeline, Post Processing Stack
Rendering package to use: Unity game engine
Output format: Video file (minimum resolution is 1080)
Competition end date: 16th January, Tuesday, 1.30 pm

To stand out in a crowd, do detailed modeling of your assets of the game environment. Overall composition and creative concepts must attract jury panel. If required, you can also use free or paid assets of the Unity Asset Store. Feel free to use / refer concept art from ADAM Episode I.

You can think for any kind of futuristic city, it may belong to Earth or anywhere else, for the said Unity competition. The final output video must have different camera angles to completely portray your artwork. It can be hosted on any video sharing platform. The artist also needs to submit detailed article, explaining entire production pipeline with a callout sheet. It must also cover how Unity technologies (Unity Asset Store, Cinemachine, Timeline, Post Processing Stack) are used.  Various making of, screen shots and WIPs are also needs to be included.

The first winner of the Neon Challenge will have grand prize of $20,000 in cash along-with a ticket to Unite conference 2018, worth $400. Apart from it, there are two second prize winners, three community award winners and five honorable awards.

Check out complete details and works submitted by contestants of this Unity competition ‘Neon Challenge’ on the official contest page.


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