Attend Free V-Ray Webinar with Maya to Cut Down Render Time

Join Chaos Group’s latest free V-Ray webinar. The topic is how to chop render time, working with Autodesk Maya. 


V-Ray Webinar with Maya

V-Ray 3.5 for Maya is class apart. Chaos Group is continuously coming up with new tool sets and improvements in earlier algorithms. One of the core goals is always to cut down the rendering time without sacrificing the quality of the output. VRay 3.5 is the whole bundle of technology advancements. 

Check out one of the best tutorial of VRay >> recorded free webinar of V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max


The essential details of V-Ray webinar is as follows:

  • Subject: V-Ray 3.5 for Maya
  • Date: 11th April, Tuesday, 2017
  • Duration: 60 minutes with Q&A session at the end 
  • Time: Three various time zones are given for this online training event. As you click any of the locations, it automatically shows your time zone. If you don’t see your time zone, click ‘Show in My Time Zone’ to refresh the page.

    Select any one on these to get registered for free V-Ray webinar with Maya. 

    Asia Pacific: 5 to 6 pm, AEST
    Europe: 10 to 11 am, CEST
    America: 12 to 1 pm, EDT

  • Topics: 
    1. Adaptive lights: New lighting algorithm that provides faster output, besides having multiple light setup.
    2. V-Ray IPR (Interactive Production Rendering): Using less memory, it starts instantly and updates faster.   
    3. V-Ray Frame Buffer Tools: Advanced control functions for frame buffer.
    4. alSurface Material: Best for look and feel of skin. Powered by Anders Langlands shader, layered SSS and glossy fresnel reflections.   
    5. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Rendering Improvements: Works on the concept of On-demand Mip-mapping. It uses less amount of memory to render large and detail oriented scene.
    6. Resumable Rendering: No data or process loss, even if you stop and start the render again. It resumes from the previous point.

free webinar v ray for maya

V-Ray webinar will be conducted by Chaos Group CG Specialist Veso Mihaylov. Felicitated by Master’s degree (Digital Media, Technical University of Denmark), he creates content for presentations and videos. Apart from all above mentioned huge technical sessions, he will also unveil monthly rentals with low prices and online licensing option. 

Above rendered image courtesy is by Italo Cerone

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