VFX Memes: Funnier side of Animation and VFX Industry

VFX memes / CG memes are one of the most popular things among digital artists. Check out the best collection of funny CGI images.


vfx memes funniest collection

VFX memes depicts what the visual effects artist sees in movies and real life. The anomalies and perspectives changes drastically from the lay man. Well, it evokes for a funny humour. The challenges of Animation and VFX industry are LOLed on a lighter note.

Life of CGI artist rotates around various 3D and VFX softwares, production pipeline, animation, roto, clients, render time, deadlines and other tons of related terms. Sometimes, he/she devotes long working hours online and offline for the project. Digital artists literally breaths and eats the project. Out of it, CG memes get birth. It starts from one artist and changes the original form as it passes through various artists all around the globe. The creativity jumps high with every new challenge and art work.

Some of the biggest and funniest VFX memes got viral after release of Shia LaBeouf’s motivational speech video of “Just Do It”.

You loved it. Right?

Now, comes the best part of this video.

Shia LaBeouf collaborated with London’s Central Saint Martins art school and produced this video. The entire green screen footage is released under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. It means that any artist can manipulate this video and speech in any form, with the condition that it is not being used for earning money in any way. VFX artists had done several versions of it including Star Wars, The Avengers, Se7en and many more.

Enjoy Shia in Star Wars:

Check out the funniest collection of CG and VFX memes images. All these are bit of fun. A big thanks to various social media network sites and other Animation and VFX blogs from where these images are curated to produce this humorous blog post.












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Part 2 will be released soon.

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