Marvellous VFX Short Film “Otherhalf” by Ben West and Framestore

VFX short film titled ‘Otherhalf’ is the latest viral short movie in Animation and VFX industry. Check out Ben West’s funny concept.


vfx short film otherhalf

VFX short film is a niche area in the film making circle. Most of the short films are story based, where the director / producer emphasis more on live action shooting. It is fast and cheap in terms of post production. Adding Animation or Visual Effects can cost a big money with bigger time stretch. It is true for majority of people but Ben West is an exception. He is an award winning film maker having 15+ years of strong experience and knowledge of commercials, short movies and virtual reality (VR) projects.

Ben West blends visual effects with comedy on a very subtle note. No one empowers each other. Being an Architect, he gradually leaned towards digital media. He is featured at Uncube magazine (architecture, design and beyond), Chaos Group and BBC. Presently, he is designated as Creative Director at Framestore, which is internationally acclaimed Animation and VFX studio known for blockbuster Hollywood movies like Gravity, Jupiter Ascending,  Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Martian, Now You See Me 2, Doctor Strange and many more.

ben west vfx creative director

Otherhalf‘ is his latest funny short film after internationally acclaimed movies Freaks and Fugu & Tako. Otherhalf  is a story of a man who ‘break up’ with his legs. The core idea is that the legs have different opinions and life style compared to its other half. There are huge conflict of interests. So, to bring back the legs to the body, there must be some common interest. And this is how the movie progresses.

Storytelling is beautifully integrated with top notch VFX. Ben is not completely ‘fix it in post’ guy. So many shots of this short film are achieved on set through smart camera techniques and strategically staging of actors in conjunction with props. Lots of chroma removal and accurate matchmoving had been done to accomplish seamless blend of live action footages and visual effects.

This is why Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is going to be the biggest blockbuster.

ben west short film

short film vfx ben west

Enjoy the outstanding VFX short movie.


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