Immersive Visualization and Virtual Reality Webinar with Autodesk Revit Live

Participate in free Immersive Visualization and Virtual Reality Webinar. Jose Manuel Elizardo will conduct session on Autodesk Revit Live 2018.


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Get ready to join in virtual reality webinar of Autodesk Revit, highly recommended product for BIM (Building Information Modelling). Revit is one stop software solution to create accurate 3D architecture from 2D concept or drawing. Essential team members don’t need to be at one place physically, they can collaborate virtually on the shared model. Apart from design, it also maintains complete documentation of entire process and corrections, which results in increased productivity of the entire project. The final output comes in visually engaging powerful 3D model to showcase to client and layman.

VR is slowly piercing in each and every technology. Architecture is not the one to  left behind. At the early stage of architecture technology, an end user was able to watch only 2D graphical image of the construction from various perspectives. Then came the revolution in form of 3D walkthrough, which was instant hit. Every architecture (residential, commercial, factory etc.) got displayed in walkthrough format to engage users on more promising note. Now, we took a huge leap in technology advancement through immersive visualization and virtual reality. These two has abundance potential to capture the entire market like a hurricane. They had became extremely demanding need of an hour for various creative visualizers and designers.

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On practical front, it is huge challenge to tackle. That’s why, Autodesk Revit has organized free online training tutorial in form of webinar. The details are as follows.

Topic: Immersive Visualization and Virtual Reality webinar
Schedule: 26th July, Wednesday, 2017 at 11.30 pm || 27th July, Thursday, 2017 at 12.30 am (Registration link gives option to show schedule in your country’s time zone)
Duration: 1 hour which includes Q&A session with Jose
Softwares: 3ds Max, Stingray Game Engine, Revit Live
Mentor: Jose Manuel Elizardo

Jose Elizardo has credentials in Media and Entertainment (M&E) team, Autodesk. With 13 years of huge industry experience and exposure, he is coined as visualization expert. This webinar will help various artists in the genre of VR, 3D, architecture, visualization and gaming.

Click the registration link to participate in the virtual reality webinar.


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