Where to Job – Part 3: Well-known Post Production Studio or Small Scale Post Production Studio?

In the series of ‘Where to Job’, we have covered various topics ranging from production pipeline, salary to office politics. Check out other important aspects of job selection.


Where to Job

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6) Job Timing / Office Hours:


Well, this is the parameter where studio strength doesn’t matter.

CG and VFX is the client based industry. So, working on odd / long hours and handling clients continuously goes without saying in a VFX studio. Most of the post production houses works on multiple projects ranging from local to international. This creates parallel back and forth output delivery and corrections.

There are times when regular and pubic holidays, festivals, family and friends parties needs to be sacrificed for the work. As compensation, artist can take compensatory off (comp off) as per requirement. This is one on the main reasons why digital artist generally don’t gel in real life social meetings and gatherings.

Verdict: Passion is the tick that makes digital artist devote extra working hours. The element of creative changes and tight deadlines will always remain in the system. It can never follow fixed time job timings. You can’t survive in this media if you are not passionate enough.

7) Designation:


Well-known Post Production Studio:

Either you require a huge industry experience or you must have a great reputation among your peers as a trustworthy leader who finishes the assigned work in time, no matter how worst the conditions are. If you are in the VFX studio from long time and had contributed heavily in major projects, there are strong chances that you will be promoted to senior position.

On the contrary, dirty politics is universal. It is the cheap way around to be in the top hierarchy. Drink parties with management people is the easiest gateway to do so.

Small scale Post Production Studio:

You don’t get position here easily, you have to earn it.

It is purely skill based, no politics involved. It is always best to join small scale visual effects facility from the inception stage. You becomes one of the core team member. The sense of power and responsibility makes you much more productive. Even if you join the studio once it is running successfully, you have a fare chance to grow exponentially if you are skilled and devoted to your work completely.

Verdict: Don’t run after labels, labels will come and go. Work hard to develop your skills and knowledge. Only this can help you in long run to sustain in the industry.

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