Why Use Corporate Films for Creating Brand Loyalty?

With changing dynamics of business, corporate films are being must to sustain brand loyalty in the customer arena.


Corporate Films for Creating Brand Loyalty

A sense of attachment towards a brand might seem a little odd, but do brands like this loyalty? Absolutely! In fact, brands often play their cards in a manner that builds loyalty towards a brand. Being recognized as a reliable and trustworthy brand can be achieved through customer satisfaction. However, not merely meeting, but exceeding customer expectations is the key to building emotional ties to a brand.

A film is one of the strongest and hard-hitting solutions to successfully woo the customer. Film production houses come into action whenever the brand aims at generating video content. The thing about film production houses is that they are versatile, creative and experienced. The process of idea generation can germinate either by the brand and later communicated to the production house, or can be carried forward entirely by the production house themselves. Corporate videos do not cater to the general public and are often centered only towards their target audience. Therefore, the messages sent across are not vague and often challenges the psyche of the customer.

The main reason corporate videos are ideal for gaining brand loyalty are because they are fun! Film production houses put their blood and sweat into making films that are touching, heartwarming, emotional and relatable. Let us not lie, it is a marketing strategy. But what we should appreciate is the quality of the films and the energy that they emit. Good films are those that we remember. Selling out your brand or your product often deteriorates the quality of the films. But do people remember them? Yes, they do! The film might become the butt of all jokes, but they are all remembered nevertheless. And that is another side of good marketing!

Films are also extremely attention grabbing and breaks the mundane routine of static communication. The viewer gets extremely engaged with the films and also retains the information the film has to offer. What better medium to propel this new wave of humanized marketing than video? Brands love using films as a medium to portray themselves. Globally, according to a 2018 survey of HubSpot, 54% of the consumers love to watch videos of the brands and businesses they support, rather than any other modes.

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Wonder why video storytelling works? As opposed to an article or another block of text, videos have the power to create gripping, lasting memories in the minds of viewers and consumers. It isn’t always necessary that you are the target audience for the film. However, when people come across strong films, even if they saw it weeks ago, they still remember it in detail.

Brand loyalty builds over a period of time, by consumer engagement and a regular flow of campaigns that makes a mark on people. Emotionally compelling films often leave in the mind vivid details. If the film has a narrative that reinforces the product, it lasts longer in the mind. This is where film production houses have a huge role to play. Outsourcing video production is what corporate companies look out for when they have an awesome idea.

Studies show that 51.9% of marketers across the world say videos have a huge amount of return on investment, and shoppers who view a video in the pre-purchase stages are significantly more likely to be more loyal, rather than those who don’t watch the video at all. Loyalty towards brand is significantly increased when the brand comes into contact with their emotional side. Consumers hate a cold brand with no feelings. Getting involved in the regular happenings marks the brand as aware, humane, and interactive. Film production houses make the best out of the given circumstances which makes the brand come across as emotional and humane. Films are a great way of storytelling, and people love to engage themselves with stories.

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Even if the brand is new, films help extensively to creative brand awareness. The loyalty starts with getting consumers on the hook and raising their expectations get high, which brands later fulfill. We can all agree on the fact that films are easily a strong mode for call-to-action. Creating awareness and picking topics that create buzz, will have a strong impact on the consumers and viewers.

And so we come to a conclusion, that no matter where your brand stands, loyalty can be built very easily. Brand loyalty can largely be achieved by videos that are touching and relatable, or by taking a whole other route of making it silly and funny. Brand loyalty starts with a hook, and film production houses help greatly in achieving that.


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