Participate in “World Illustration Challenge” by Grafolio

Participate in World Illustration Challenge vol. 4 on ‘Travel’ theme.  Organized by Grafolio, it has total $500,000 prize money.


world illustration challenge

‘World Illustration Challenge’ is a series of competitions by Grafolio, which is popularly known as ‘Creative Contents Community’. Grafolio is very well known name in artist circles. The artist can showcase his/her artworks on this online buy and sell platform. Apart from clients, registered artists also get access to various challenges to earn fame and prize money.

The earlier three competitions were based on the topics of Hero, Love and Angels & Devils.

Competition criteria:

  • The current World Illustration Challenge volume 4 is based on ‘Travel’ theme.
  • The participant artist has to submit his/her drawings related to ‘Travel’ category only.
  • More than one submission is possible.
  • You can also include the old work, if it is relevant to the theme.
  • There is no fix resolution or canvas size.
  • Artist can also use digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

World Illustration Challenge schedule:

  • Start date: 7th December, Wednesday 2016
  • End date: 28th December, Wednesday 2016

Link to submit your artwork:

Prize money:

  • Total 50 winners will receive prize money of $1,000 per person, by each challenge.
  • After completion of all 5 challenges, 10 final winners will get additional prize money of $10,000 per person.
  • After completion of all 5 challenges, 30 runners up participants will get additional prize money of $5,000 per person.


  • Owen Davey, UK
  • Emily Rand, UK
  • Jamsen, Rep. Korea

Winner announcement:

  • 9th January, Monday 2017
  • Winners are selected based on jury and Grafolio’s internal assessment.


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