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Make best videos using After Effects & Premiere Pro templates from CreatorGalaxy.


Make best videos using After Effects & Premiere Pro templates

We are Arnaud Melis & Ignace Aleya, the founders of CreatorGalaxy and we have a mission, to give Creators from all over the world everything they need to create epic videos with templates. But how did we get here?

It all started with gaming. Ignace & I were dedicated gamers and played all kind of games. Ignace liked making videos about the games he played and started to upload them to YouTube. Because he wanted to stand out, he decided to use some visual effects to make the videos more interesting. After a while people started to ask how he made these visual effects. Ignace started to make tutorials on YouTube to help them out, he was 15 years old at the time. I met Ignace at school and we didn’t get along at first, everything changed a few years later when we realized that we had the same mindset. We were both entrepreneurial and I showed more and more interest in the making of videos & short films.

Years went by and Ignace and I decided to work together. We started making company and promotional videos, using the best After Effects & Premiere Pro templates, for clients across the world. We serve both kind of videos – free and paid. We liked what we were doing. YouTube was always our real passion. That’s why we started focusing more and more on YouTube.

Because of the many questions of our subscribers on how to make it easier for them to create epic videos, we decided to put the products we made and used online, for them to enjoy. We started with which we later re-branded to

The YouTube audience and our website grew significantly, now we’re almost at 3,00,000 subscribers, all interested in filmmaking. The best part? We get to help thousands of people every day with our YouTube tutorials & our pre-made products.

Hi Arnaud, Welcome aboard. Let us know about in detail regarding CreatorGalaxy.

Hello Amit, thank you for this interview. Allow me to tell a bit more about our company.

CreatorGalaxy is the one stop shop where Creators from all over the world can find everything, they need to create epic videos. We’ve started this website because we have a passion for filmmaking and want to give other Creators the chance to create epic videos with ease. Our major softwares are Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro. We have professional and very impressive collection of Premiere Pro and After Effects video templates.

What are educational and professional credentials of you both?
My colleague Ignace Aleya has studied Visual Effects for 1 year in Hasselt, Belgium. He’s 99% self-thought with tutorials that he could find on the internet and by trial and error.

I studied SME management (Small and medium enterprises) but I can assure you that I’ve learned way more by just doing than by going to school.

What are roles and responsibilities of you both in CreatorGalaxy?

Ignace handles the creative aspects which includes the YouTube channel & the making of the products.

I handle the business part. This includes marketing, sales, financial & the collaboration with our team. It does overlap sometimes as we often rely on each other for feedback and guidance.

What were the technical and creative challenges you faced during creation of the company and how they got solved?

Building a great website was certainly a huge challenge as we started by using a WordPress theme. I ‘made’ this website with a template because I didn’t have the coding skills to make a custom site. We also tried Shopify as a platform but couldn’t make it work with the limitations that it gave us. That’s why we went for a fully custom coded websites which we made together with several great coders.

It took a lot of time and sweat but we’re happy with the result, although the website is constantly changing to optimize user experience and introduce new features. For the creative part we’re always looking to be inspired and we listen to the feedback and requests from awesome customers. Our web page of free After Effects video templates see a huge traffic everyday. The video templates cover all major things including logo reveal, lower thirds, video transitions, slideshow, title sequences, along with the project file. Anyone can use these video presets for promos and other broadcasting requirements.

How CreatorGalaxy is different in peer competition?

CreatorGalaxy is certainly an underdog as we just started and we’re still small. One of our main advantages is that we do know what our customers need, as we are our own customer. We’re creators ourselves and constantly looking to optimize our workflow & quality.

Another important part is that we go for quality, not quantity. We don’t want to have a database with 1000’s of mediocre templates of After Effects (AE templates) and Premier Pro about the same subject. We would rather have 20 or 50 professionally made ones about each subject, which makes it easier to find what you need. Although we’re not there yet we would also like to offer music, textures & courses to really provide everything in one place. All our products also come with a tutorial, which makes changing them a piece of cake.

free after effects and premiere pro templae

Please explain your production pipeline: initial concept to final execution of the template.

It all starts with an idea. Once we have it, Ignace or someone else from our team starts creating the template. Once that’s finished it goes for a feedback round, depending on the feedback, the template gets changed or approved. Once a template is approved it has to be universalized to work in all software versions of After Effects or Premiere Pro, or both depending on what kind of template it is.

Now a promo has to be made and the price has to be decided. When all those steps are finished, we’re ready to publish the product on our site. Depending on the product, it gets promoted via Social media and email.

What is the basic prerequisite to use your templates?

That all depends on the kind of template you are using.

Most of our templates are made for After Effects & Premiere Pro. The After Effects ones work in every version. The Premiere Pro versions mostly work after CC 2017, because of the essential graphics panel. This panel makes changing a template super easy. We’ve also got universal product that work with almost any video editing software. These products are, for instance, the magic pack, explosion pack, fireworks pack & blood pack.

Let us know about various pricing options.

As it is our mission to give everyone around the world the tools to create epic videos, we went for the ‘all you can eat’ model. You pay $9.99 each month which gives you access to all products for all your projects, as many times as you want, for whatever project you have. If that isn’t epic, we don’t know what is 😉.

You can also buy the products separately if needed.

Please share customer feedbacks.

You can find all our customer feedback publicly at Trustpilot:

What can we expect in upcoming years from CreatorGalaxy?

We’ll be introducing several new categories this year. Courses is one of the biggest and most requested categories, we’re working on them right now. We’ll also introduce a bunch of copyright free music. These new categories will also be included in the subscription. We will keep updating our store with new products, along with best Premiere Pro and After Effects video templates, every week.

Create Epic Videos with CreatorGalaxy

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