cebas finalRender: trueHybrid™ Technology with Integrating CPU and GPU Rendering Together

New version of cebas finalRender is released with trueHybrid™ rendering technology which accelerates performance by combining power of CPU and GPU.


trueHybrid rendering cebas finalRender

cebas finalRender is all set to create major breakthrough in the rendering arena with their own trueHybrid™ rendering technology. Edwin Braun, CEO of cebas Visual Technology unveiled the new finalRender on 18th September, Monday, 2017. This latest rendering software version of fR is coined as next generation light simulator, which replaced the earlier version 3.5 SE.

Some of the most essential features of cebas finalRender:

  • trueHybrid™ rendering technology combines power of CPU and GPU rendering computing as one integrated system
  • Unlimited network rendering
  • finalRender will support both CPU core and GPU as well as CPU+GPU systems
  • Works on the algorithm of Physically Based Spectral Wavelength Simulation
  • The best rendering solution in affordable price
  • Supports 360 Panaromic output direct from 3ds Max
  • New finalRender supports all native light setup of 3ds Max, along with it’s own highly configurable and multi-threaded IES lights
  • Fastest calculation of accurate Motion Blue and DOF (Depth Of Field) in peer competition
  • Real time controls to handle render elements in finalRender frame buffer, through easy navigation of tree view system
  • Can generate 3D Stereoscopic Virtual Reality video output through one button VR option
  • Easy scene converter from other rendering applications such as V-Ray or Mental Ray
  • Supports advanced instance rendering (including Forest Pack Pro instancing)

As the core technique of trueHybrid™ rendering technology is to integrate CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), it will be a huge cost saver for various artists, freelancers and post production houses. An artist / studio can decide where to upgrade, costly CPU workstation or comparatively cheaper GPU card. New finalRender is more geared towards 3ds Max who works in diversified segments of architecture, visualization, designing and interior.

One of the biggest USP of the cebas finalRender is the use of spectral waveform simulation with real world physics. It creates stunning visual rendering by simulating accurate effects like diffraction (a small light bending as it passes around the edge of an object), dispersion (separation of light), absorption (light wave which is absorbed by an object), iridescence (change of color on surface due to change of angle of view / illumination), and interference (combination of two lights creates different amplitude of light wavelength, specifically for thin film coating) using Monte Carlo sampling. The digital artist is free to change light setup on the fly.

finalRender true hybrid

Upcoming online seminars to receive in-depth knowledge of cebas finalRender are as follows: 

  1. Live Q & A about finalRender with Edwin. To participate, sign up at The online Q&A session is scheduled on 27th September.
  2. Interview and tutorial on new version of finalRender by Justin Grant, trainer and owner of 3D online tutorials website Renderspaz. The topic will be car model rendering. It is scheduled in-between 25th to 29th September. Final schedule will be announced on
  3. Interview and finalRender time-lapse videos showcase by Mihai Pandelescu, Graphic Designer and 3D artist. It is scheduled in-between 9th to 13th October. Final schedule will be announced on

Download link of finalRender trial version:

Tempted to start production work on new finalRender? cebas is here to help you all enthusiastic artists.

Download cebas finalRender trial version with trueHybrid™ rendering technology. The trial version gives access to all tools of the full version, only it comes with watermark. On a bonus note, the download also includes finalToon trial.

Click here to download trial version of finalRender.

car paint material final render

Well, the above details of fR are just in nutshell. To get complete information of cebas finalRender, please visit the official page. Check out amazing image gallery showcasing some of the latest features of the rendering software.

cebas finalRender VR 360 stereoscopic

fr render elements

Physically Based Spectral Wavelength Simulation

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