Save up: The best days to find Great Holiday Deals

Find the best holiday deals on these days of year and get tons of savings.


best holiday deals with tons of savings

Most businesses and establishments usually prepare for one big final push for the holidays. Unknown to many people, holiday sales make or break a business’ bottom line. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 30% of a business’ annual sales come from the holiday season. Various business people spend heavy money on creative advertising including motion graphics video clips, gifs, animation clips, static graphic images, short corporate movies, attractive photography images, animated explainer videos etc. Such creatives grab customer attention and lure them to shop.

As consumers, we look forward to these company blowouts. Commercial establishments mark down the prices on items cleared for below-minimum retail rates to still comply with the MAP pricing policy. These are the best times to get items and services at almost giveaway prices. Such things are marketed by huge way on various social media platforms. It runs on official social media handles of the business, as well as specific campaigns which are shown to targeted audience.

Find out below which days give the best holiday deals and attract huge savings of the season. The list includes both – physical shopping in mall/store and e-commerce shopping.

Black November:

In light of Black Friday, Black November is a made-up term used for businesses and establishments that offer Black Friday rates for the entire month of November. Some businesses start as early as November 1 to give shoppers a headstart on their Christmas shopping. Various Media companies club their best selling products with some low selling products to clear the stock and improve their business figures.

Black Friday:

This day is known to be the busiest shopping day of this season, if not the entire year, which has about 1.5 times more shopper traffic compared to Super Saturday. The term Black Friday originally had a bad connotation back in the 1960s until businesses put a more positive meaning to it in the 1980s. It coined as one of the business success keys.

Small Business Saturday:

American Express had this idea in 2010 to celebrate local merchants and give them a fighting chance against the bigger corporations by encouraging shoppers to “shop small” between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To attract customers, such small business owner now started use of AR and VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) experiences at their physical store. Obviously, its marketing gimmick, but it helps to attract crowd, and in turn, generate more sales.

Cyber Monday:

Almost 10 years ago, online shops and e-commerce businesses noticed an increase in their sales the following Monday after Black Friday. Since 2010, it is the biggest shopping day for online purchases in the year. Online business portals also support affiliation schemes, which also help to reach proper age group and targeted buyers. Social media channels push this event on large scale. Large companies also go one step ahead and hire virtual assistant to promote their offers. Such new age marketing ideas pushes the envelope further to make profitable business. As it is based on cloud based technology, if offers digital security.

Cyber Week:

It is one more in the list of best holiday deals. Since Cyber Monday has become such a hit, a lot of retailers decided, due to insistent public demand, to extend Cyber Monday for an entire week. This means that you can still get Cyber Monday deals throughout the week. Some retailers just carry over their Black Friday promos to Cyber Monday and Cyber Week. By either way, they increase change to promote the business and generate more revenue. New business owners used this cyber week to launch their new brands. We see heavy traffic on top e-commerce websites during this time.

Free Shipping Day:

Free Shipping Day, which officially takes place on December 14 this year (2019), was started in 2008 by an internet entrepreneur who noticed that most online sales took a plunge after December 10. Most online merchants offer free shipping with no minimum purchase required on this day, with a guarantee of delivery by Christmas Eve for on-hand items. It offers a lot of savings to customers, sometimes also bundled with other holiday deals.

Super Saturday:

Retailers have dubbed the last full Saturday before Christmas as Super Saturday. Next to Black Friday, it is the busiest day of the season as shoppers rush to stores and cause online traffic with their last-minute shopping in search of great deals. Various artistic and crafty decorations are also done to attract more buyers. Being Saturday shopping, it always see a full response from people. Although, it is jam packed crowd, it offers win-win for both the parties.

Boxing Day:

Boxing Day comes on the day after Christmas and is known to have the best deals of the year. Retailers and commercial establishments slash a huge chunk off their prices for inventory clearing to make room for next season’s items. As shop owners have clear focus of this event, they offer tons of savings. Such practice also make long lasting and reliable customers.

Plan your next holiday shopping around these days to get the most out of the season. For those who have missed out on some of these dates, it is never too late. Happy shopping!


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