Best Apps that must find their way to your Android phone this year

List of best android Apps, top 9 for your smart phone.


list of best android Apps top 9

Smartphones are rather amazing, aren’t they? The pace at which new advancements are emerging seems like there is no limit to what your phone can achieve. It is baffling to think lives without apps. Over a decade ago, Android apps weren’t even there. And to think that Google Play Store that launched with only 50 apps, now houses 2.9 million apps (as of 2019),has reformed the way we live, work, communicate, travel, and play. A survey tells us that 21% of Millennials open an app more than 50 times a day. And 49 of people use an app more than 11 times every day. A smartphone owner, on average, uses 30 apps each month.

Now, with such a massive amount of apps on the Google Play Store, it is tough to choose the best one. By this year, mobile apps are expected to lead to $189 billion in revenue. Not all are worth installing, and it is practically impossible to sort through all of them or go through their reviews.

Here is the list of best android Apps that you should install on your mobiles / smartphones this year:


LastPass is a must-have password manager for Android that makes it safe and secure to save your login details. Also, the app helps in creating strong and impossible passwords to use. The app is controlled using a master password. Since it comes with cross-platform support, you can use it on computers, phones, and tablets.

The premium version comes at a cheap price. For additional security, you can get LastPass Authenticator. The app is user-friendly and safer compared to its counterparts like KeepassDroid, Dashlane, 1Password, etc.


With the newly launched Disney+ streaming service and app, you can access the humongous Disney library of films and TV content. Not only that, you can watch new and exclusive content as well. The app lets you stream content and download it. Although you would need a subscription, you are going to get a seven-day free trial. A week is enough for you to decide whether the Disney library is something you want.


Although this app is not popular, it should be. The app covers all aspects of to-do list apps such as push notifications, reminders, recurring tasks, and various organizational and planning features. You can share tasks and even categories with others. The Tick Tick app is great for small teams or groups working together as well as families. Works great as to-do, grocery, or any other checklist. Though within a limited capacity, you get all the features for free. You can get two reminders for each task. If you get the Premium edition, you can get infinite reminders.


This app could easily replace the default camera app on your phone. There are tons of camera apps but their success depends on the make and model of the phone they are installed on. If you are looking for something good and new, Pixtica is a good option.

The app comes with tons of features and filters. There is a GIF recorder, manual controls, panorama, and cool features like Planet mode that lets the user warp the images into a sphere-shape using the app’s advanced projection algorithm. There is a variety of modes to choose from both for taking pictures or recording videos. Most of the features are for free, but you will have to unlock higher resolutions and pay for the app to remove the watermarks when you use filters.


The app has become a must for parents of today. With screen addiction on the rise, parents have to establish the right controls and the app lets you do just that. You have to install it on your child’s phone. The app is going to record all the activities that take place on your child’s phone. You can keep track of their text messages, calls, web browsing history, locations, and a lot more. You can know all that is going on the phone. You can set alerts on particular words and locations and know what your children are talking about and know when they enter/exit a location. You can also record surroundings.

xnspy android app

The app offers a wide range of advanced features at an affordable rate, unlike other monitoring apps. Apart from child monitoring, the app has become popular in the business circle as well. Employers use this app to monitor employees. Since many companies give phones to the employees, they can easily monitor their phone activities and ensure that they are not involved in any suspicious activities or talking to their rivals.

The user interface is friendly and lets you navigate through the app easily. You will get help with the installation of the app, and once that gets completed, you can view the dashboard of the app and view all the activities. This app has become a need for today’s parents and employers to ensure the safety of their children and data. It is must in your list of best Android apps. The app is compatible with all Android versions.

Podcast Addict

This app is an excellent option for podcast addicts. You are going to find pretty much all podcasts you could think of. The app offers a user-friendly interface, lots of downloads and playback features, along with a single-cost premium version.

The app lets you look for podcasts and look for individually and search them by category. You can create playlists and set download rules. Podcast Addict supports Android Auto, Wear IS, SONOS, and Chromecast. As far as the UI is concerned, it is not that impressive. But apart from that, Podcast Addict ticks all the right boxes.


One of the best weather apps, 1Weather is a must-have. The app offers a simple and easy-to-understand design so you can see the forecast for up to 12 weeks, a radar, current weather, and other stats. You get to use customizable widgets as well. You can also see the weather notifications and see any storms approaching. You can enjoy the free version with all the advertising features.


ablo make friends online worldwide

Ablo won the award for Google Play Best App of 2019 by Google. The app lets you go global in the true sense and connect with people all over the globe. The app translates your chats and videos in real-time. You can practice a new language, learn a new culture, and even find people to travel with you. Ablo could be a sibling app to Chat roulette but with more ground rules.

According to the Play store listing, Ablo has more than 1 million downloads.

Google Stadia

Last year in November, Google launched its streaming service called Stadia. The platform lets you play games on desktops, laptops, TV, and phones. The Stadia app acts as a hub and that is where you can manage your account, make purchases, set up controller, and play games. You can download the app for free from the Play Store. But the games come with different prices along with the packages that allow you to connect to the TV.

New apps surface every day. But not all apps deserve your attention or space on your phone. The apps listed above are great and would benefit you in some way or the other. To know more about the apps mentioned above, you can know their ratings and read the customer reviews and testimonials to ensure that they are worth using.


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