Check Out Splashing New Features of RealFlow 10.1

New features of RealFlow 10.1 are on a massive scale by the parent company, Next Limit Technologies. The latest version is more than typical bug fixing.


new features of realflow 10.1

RealFlow is an industry standard package for fluid simulation projects. It has been first choice for many leading Animation and VFX Studios worldwide. It is tightly integrated into Post Production pipeline due to its seamless support for multiple 3D softwares. The enhanced GPU support makes it an ideal choice to work more on creative side, rather than focusing on render time aspects.

Next Limit Technologies continuously strives for excellence. Following the innovative policy, RealFlow 10.1 is out with bunch of productive updates to create more stunning visual effects with ease. The latest version supports all three operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Explained below are some of the major new features of RealFlow 10.1.

  • New Viscous and Viscoelastic materials are added for Dyverso fluids. The multiphysics tool became much more powerful.
  • Edit menu is surplus with new option called as ‘Group Selected’.
  • New preferences for cloning operations.
  • New features in Alembic file to modify speed, mode and offset.
  • Tweak imported animation through ‘SD Animation Offset’ tool. Now, the simulation artist don’t need to go back to the initial software like Maya / 3ds Max.
  • It supports faster playback.
  • Global and local axes of multiple node’s can be manipulated at the same time.
  • Improved clipping operations for optimal use of memory and speed.
  • IDOC (Independent Domain Of Computation) nodes can be cloned.
  • Like rotoscoping in VFX, emission mask can be used to remove the areas where you don’t need particle effect.
  • Updated algorithm of Liquid PBD (Position Based Dynamics) solver to attain SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) quality to the highest level.
  • New functions are added in C++ and Python API.
  • Particle Skinner can skin simulations for cached particles also. It also supports older version cache files.
  • Some of emission parameters are renamed to avoid confusion.
  • Using spline emitter, the artist can create thick layers of fluid through just a click.

RealFlow 10.1 features

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