Free Online NUKE Test 1: Check Your Knowledge of the Leading Post Production Software

Check your knowledge through online NUKE test. Get live score as you finish the quiz.


Online NUKE test

The Foundry NUKE is high end industry standard post production software. It covers wide gamut of application areas in Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Virtual Reality along with many other creative and technical industries. NUKE has been integrated tightly in VFX pipeline of numerous international film production houses It integrates seamlessly in multiple workflow of movies, commercials, TV series, games and others projects of a studio. In April 2017, NUKE 11.0 beta version is released with various new features at NAB.

Participate in online NUKE test to check your software skill. The test is set in MCQ format. Check out the guidelines.

  • All 10 questions are compulsory
  • Feel free to change your answer(s) until you press the ‘SUBMIT’ button
  • The next windows gives link to see your result
  • It displays your score and correct answer(s)

Click the link to conduct test and get your live score:

** The test is not affiliated anyhow with FOUNDRY. It is initiative of The Virtual Assist to help aspiring and professional VFX artists. ** 

Alternatively, the questions of online NUKE test are given below. But, it don’t show correct answers and your rank.

1. To see all render passes of an OpenEXR file in a grid format at once, following node is used.

2. ‘X’ in ‘NUKEX’ indicates​
More speed
GPU enabled

3. ‘NUKE’ and ‘Hiero’ belongs to same software company.

4. Particles were introduced in _______ version.
Nuke 6.3
Nuke 7
Nuke 8.0v5

5. Default color space of NUKE is

6. Following hot key gives maximum ‘Node Graph’ area.
Shift + F3
Shift + F6
Shift + F7

7. The recommended way of applying tracked data is through
Copy and paste of keyframes
Third party plugin

8. NUKE supports Alembic format by native tool sets.

9. ‘Flip book’ can be coined as 
Render output

10. ‘Gizmo’ means
Customization of multiple tools into one tool
LUT from third party softwares
Information of X, Y and Z coordinates

Also check out your Photoshop knowledge. Keep looking blog for second part of online NUKE test.

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