New Features of NUKE 11.0 Beta: VFX Reference Platform, GPU accelerated tools and many more

New Features of NUKE 11.0 beta version includes productive updates in Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer.


new features of NUKE 11 beta version

The Foundry keeps on introducing new softwares and productive new features in existing packages. Pertaining the legacy, the latest update is NUKE 11 beta release. The release date of the commercial pack is not declared yet. The beta version Nuke 11.0 is available online for current customers who have valid commercial licenses of the product.

New features of Nuke 11.0 refers to the ultimate technical family of five softwares. Nuke, NukeX and Nuke Studio handles editing, compositing and finalization. Hiero and HieroPlayer handles complete shot management system. All five softwares are updated in-sync to collaborate with each other to boost up the VFX pipeline of post production studio. The update was released on 21st April, 2017 online and got publicly showcased at NAB 2017. During the NAB livestream, The Foundry CEO Alex Mahon revealed following major features of the Nuke beta release.

the foundry nab 2017

Check out the latest Nuke video – What’s New in Nuke 11:

1. VFX Reference Platform: 

The VFX Reference Platform is not less than a revolution for the Animation and Visual Effects industry. All the post production houses uses mix of operating systems with various digital content creations (DCC) softwares. It leads to incompatibility and wastage of resources when multiple studios combine together for one project. This problem introduced the ‘VFX Reference Platform’ from the technology committee of VES (Visual Effects Society). As name suggests, it is set of tools and library from which softwares can be written exclusive for VFX industry. It works on robust, high performance and cost effective Linux based pipelines.

It is one of the best new features of Nuke 11.0 beta as the softwares are updated with the VFX Reference Platform. The major libraries are Python, Pyside and Qt.

vfx reference platform visual effects society

2. GPU-accelerated tools:

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) tools are introduced continuously. The breakthrough feature of NUKE 11 beta release is that it will fully support AMD GPUs via OpenCL (Open Computing Language) for both the operation systems, Windows and Linux.

NUKE Studio: GPU accelerated ‘Timeline Disk Cache’ is introduced for local disk caching. It will provide smooth playback of footage even if it is on any remoter server. This will eliminate hundreds of hours of mundane work – storing data in local drives.

NukeX: GPU accelerated tool ‘LensDistortion’ is introduced with support of fisheye and wide-angle lenses. It also enhances support of importing lens data from other third party packages.

Nuke: Already GPU accelerated ‘Denoise’ tool is improved for better productivity.

3. Live Groups:

This group node works for collaborative workflow between different applications. As per the name ‘live’, no need to re-render the nodes comprised in such groups. It updates instantly as the script loads. It is a great tool for faster production pipeline.

NukeX new features Live Groups

4. Smart Vector Toolset:

It was introduced in NukeX 10. The paint system is updated in the current Nuked 11 beta version.

5. Frame Server:

‘Frame Server’ is Nuke Studio’s background rendering system. It has been included in Nuke 11.0 and NukeX 11.0.

The optimized algorithm keeps on rendering the project in background, without sacrificing live changes on the node based architecture system. It helps for real time playback of footage with all native and other plug-in based operations, which in turn leads to faster rendering.

frame server nuke new features


Keep looking the blog for more new features of Nuke 11. Happy Nuking.

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