Thinking Particles Webinar: Learn Free from Animation and VFX Industry’s Best FX Artists

Cebas Visual Technology has organized series of free Thinking Particles webinar. Learn from the masters.


thinking particles webinar

cebas Visual Technology Inc. will be launching a series of amazing live webinar starting August 24, into 2018. The latest series is the biggest one. On schedule, will be a series of thinkingParticles webinars, running from August 2018 till 2019. The VFX webinars will be live online conducted by different industry professionals.

As it is free, seats are limited so register early.

Please remember one thing: After webinar registration from your side, you still need a confirmation mail from cebas. If you don’t receive such mail, you will not be able to attend the online training session.

Check out the training series line up.

August 2018:

Topic: Bubble dance

FX Trainer: Augusto Lombardi (Pixomondo, Beijing/Shanghai)

Schedule: 24th August, Friday, 2018

Time: Pacific: 12 pm / Rome: 8 pm

Description: Augusto will recreate FX scene of bubble dance from Guangzhou-Beijing Sci Fi movie ‘Gone with the bullets’ (2015).

Augusto Lombardi won a major FX Award for his work in the movie.

Webinar registration: Click this link to get registered for Bubble dance webinar.

September 2018:

Topic: The bombing

FX Trainer: Hristo Velev (Bottleship VFX)

Schedule: 12th September, Wednesday, 2018

Time: Pacific: 10 am / Sofia, Bulgaria: 8 pm

Description: Hristo will create FX scene from the HK-China War movie ‘Unbeatable Spirit’ (2018), starring Bruce Willis.

October 2018:

Topic: Biker missiles

FX Trainer: David Adan (OllinVFX)

Schedule: 6th October, Saturday, 2018

Time: Pacific: 10 am

Description: David will recreate a FX scene from ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ (2017).

Upcoming thinking particles webinar details:

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Learn thinking particles yourself:

Go through official 24 videos of ‘thinkingParticles 6 new features overview‘. It will give your jump start to all kinds of workflow, tools, techniques and industry standard tips & tricks.

Check out the teaser of Thinking Particles webinar 2018-19.


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